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It’s Monday again and that means it’s time for Fan of the Week! This time we’ve interviewed Shannon who is known for her dedication and hard work in the fan base. She’s always fast with updating us on what’s going on with Rihanna and ANTI World Tour. She also goes under the name DJ Hazei as a music producer, here’s her website: http://www.djhazei.com


1) Age


2) Where do you live?

New Zealand

3) Name?


4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?

Once (Diamonds World Tour)

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?

Yes! I’m flying to America for this tour… Rihanna doesn’t come here and I won’t be missing this tour! I’ll be attending the AWT in Utah, Los Angeles, San Jose and Oakland!!

6) How did Therih.up get started?

Therih.up is an Instagram account solely dedicated to updating every Rihanna movement WHEN it happens. I branded this account by being one of the fastest update accounts, also teaming up with PUMA, Stance and a lot of other brands to bring huge giveaways to the page. I used to be The Monster Tour Guide, I never missed a tour update… I wanted to continue the extreme and fast updates but wanted an ”all around” general name… I asked for some suggestions on the name change and somebody suggest therih.up!! So I took it, it was perfect!


7) I see you’re making music as well, how is that going?

Yes, I’m making music, it’s going really great. Managed to drop a lot of new content and will be dropping a lot more! Rihanna has definitely inspired me musically. She was the first artist I ever fell in love with, I was so young. From there, I gained my passion for music and I wanted to learn how to create it. I always had a creative mind and it was something that I really wanted to pursue. I went to study music, Rihanna really had my back, she always supported what I was doing and was so happy to see me living this. She kept me motivated and always wanting to strive higher… I think that’s where a lot of my success has come from, I always pushed myself. I got myself on the Ill Semantics album ”TRILLOGY” for my track titled ”Intro” (stream on tidal, Spotify, iTunes, etc) and have just recently released my first single for my upcoming EP titled ”Waves” which is also available for streaming and purchase on iTunes/Google. Keep an eye for me :p

8) What’s your future for your position in Rihanna Navy?

I’ve been here 9 years, loving Rihanna… Only 5 on Twitter but 9 years in full. It’s been an amazing journey, I’ve met so many amazing people and been able to connect with Rihanna in ways I never could’ve imagined. I will be working on my music and releases and will be leaving the Stan Twitter for good after the tour but I will never fully leave!! The only thing I ever have motivation to remix is Rihanna songs!! Lol, I’m always gonna be a Stan!! Once you’re a Navy, you never really leave… And I’ll never really leave.

9:49 27 Mar 2016

”When Rhenna met Rhenna.”


We talked to Emily to find out how she ended up backstage after the show last night and here is her story:

”Well it all started when someone in the VIP lounge told me that I was reposted on Twitter. I don’t have Twitter though but my once my Instagram name was shared I started getting a lot of follows and a lot of likes. Then Rihanna followed me (!). I told her I was in the front row and would love to meet her afterwards but what really got my backstage was her hairstylist noticing me right as I was leaving the arena.

I originally came by myself but two people were smart enough to stick around with me (and they also got to go backstage) while her hairstylist left for a while. When he came back he says ”yeah sure she’ll love to meet you” and we got to go backstage. There are other people that she knows there too and she goes to greet them first before she heads back to a dressing room. When she came back out it was our turn.

She was really amazed by my costume and couldn’t believe that I made it myself. She was so cute! She smelled amazing and I asked her if she could sign some things and give a shout out to my mom because I told my mom if I get backstage that I’m gonna have Rihanna call her.”


Hey mom @11rosegrey I'm with Rihanna!

A video posted by Emily G. (@emmgrayy) on

Wow! We love to see the navy staying creative and having fun with Rih. This tour has really started out in a magical fashion. Happy our fave seems so content with where she is and what she’s doing. She seems to be in such a good place. And we’re right there with her.


With every controversial video comes a Navy project. Our dear friend Shannon from New Zeeland put together videos of fans dancing and lip syncing to the song, making it our own music video. Results:

9:42 26 Mar 2016

Let’s bring back this masterpiece since the song is turning 1 year today.


‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ directed by Rihanna & Megaforce. Photography by Benoît Debie & edited by Douglas Crise. Starring Danish ‘Hannibal’ actor Mads Mikkelsen and ‘The Dark Knight’ actor Eric Roberts.

Rih worked with some big people on this. The cinematographer, Benoît Debie, also filmed Enter the Void (2009) and Spring Breakers (2012). The editor, Douglas Crise, also edited Birdman (2014), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Traffic (2000) and 21 Gram (2003).

BBHMM shows Rihanna and her friends (Sita Abellán & Sanam) kidnapping, torturing and intoxicating a rich, elegant woman. ”Your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car”. Rih’s literally telling us that his wife is in the back. Instead of being this crazy ex girlfriend, Rihanna is going crazy on her accountant to get her money back. Rihanna uses the kidnapped wife as leverage to get her money back from the accountant AKA The Bitch. But when he continues not to bite, Rihanna ends up killing him with knives labeled ”Fucked Up My Credit”.


Feminist or not feminist? That’s the question social media discussed after the controversial video’s release. The video puts Rihanna, a black woman, in control which leads to white feminists calling it ANTI-feminist. People say the video isn’t feminist because of the torture of the white rich privileged woman. Let’s do a quick history lesson: white women have abused black women for centuries based on them being black women, and are yet somehow considered feminists.

In fact, BBHMM is quite a profound piece of intersectional feminist art. It’s a story about a black woman taking revenge on the white man stealing from her and the white woman living off of the white man’s theft. It’s basically a post colonial revenge fantasy. All of the violence is directed upward, towards those with power. The abused is taking revenge on her abusers. Very important.

Rih basically shows us that one does not fuck with Rihanna. She is showing us that she as a black woman can take control of a white privileged man. She makes her career choices for herself with the understanding that she’s now in the position to do so. The video bears resemblance to the works of Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill for example. Tarantino, a white man, directed his film. Rihanna, a black woman, directed her video. There’s no difference, yet one of them are met with completely different attitudes in terms of the actions taking place in their art.

But here’s the thing: a black woman directed BBHMM. A black woman also plays the main character, a badass woman with no fear of men with power. That’s some real shit.



”But what about the glamorizing of violence towards women?”

Never has it been clearer what a hard time white women have identifying with black women. The question in itself implies that the white woman is the one we should feel for and identify with, even though Rih plays the main character. Even though the white couple have indeed abused HER, but that violence isn’t as comfortable talking about. To do so, we have to take into consideration the factors that have brought the Western World into the economic welfare it enjoys today. How we have built our societies on theft, exploitation and slavery. To watch this video without acknowledging it’s historical significance will lead to the kind of incomplete analysis that has you asking the question above, but we know better right? Right.

To the visuals of the video; OUTSTANDING. The cinematography works perfectly fine in each scene. Each scene is thoughtfully picked out and same goes for the editing. It pays off with a crew of talented people. BBHMM is basically a short movie with character changing, acting, script, great visuals and a plot twist. Let’s treat it like that and nothing else. And shoutout to the iconic shot at the end. Let Rihanna be great.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.21.48 PM_zpsop6g8kz5

/Ebba and Alex

7:30 25 Mar 2016

This is our shared encounter but you’ll hear it from my perspective (says Alex).

First off, the whole day was insane. Rih was about to do her second show in New Jersey, Aug 17, 2014. Ebba and I both flew to NYC just for this. We were there the night before too, mostly because we couldn’t stand being so close without at least trying to get in. Finally we ended up buying really (really) cheap tickets after the show had started, way up in the seated section. It was amazing and only got us even more excited for our ”real” show the following day.

Ebba had tickets for section A and I for section B. This being the first time seeing her in concert for me, I was super nervous. So nervous I missed my stop and ended up lost in New Jersey. I spent two hours just walking around the outskirts of that ugly place under a burning sun, fearing I’d miss the show. My Swedish cell phone didn’t work and I had no clue where I was, just kept walking on the road that eventually turned into a freeway. At that point, alone on a U.S freeway, I fel it best to grab a cab. The driver charged like 60 dollars for the five minute drive. Fuckery.

When I finally got to the arena the queue was already miles long but Ebba hooked me up with a navy that had been there since morning and I got to jump in with her and her team. THANK YOU higher power for fans and their solidarity. <3


After the show, which was life changing, we all met up and decided to try and meet Rih. After a couple of hours of waiting those left of us split up into two cars that would drive back to Manhattan and the club Melissa (Rihanna’s BFF) was set to host at. We were hoping Rih would show up too.

So I went into one car and Ebba into the other. All the people in Ebba’s car ended up meeting Rihanna outside the club. All the people my car ended up watching the love fest from behind a man made fence.

Here’s what Ebba saw as Rih left the car to enter the club:

Here’s what I saw as Rih left the car to enter the club:

ebae getting luckyIMG_2738

And that’s stan life. Sometimes you’re a lucky bitch and sometimes you sit on the sidewalk. Either way it’s a magical experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again at the Anti World Tour. It’s going to be insane.

Ps. I got to see her up close as she left the club though. MAGICAL.


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