4:48 17 Apr 2016

Our fave took some time off from touring to attend the Guns n Roses concert at Coachella last night! She was seen having fun with her friends, including singer/queen Courtney Love and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Both magical hang outs that we all wanna be a part of.

IMG_7162IMG_7163 IMG_7157

The next AWT stop is Winnipeg but that’s not until tomorrow so here’s to hoping she’ll stay another day and treat us to some IG and Snapchat treats like she did last year.

Where is the birthday girrrrrlllll????!!!!!!!!! @mdollas11

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ????

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Also happening at Coachella last night: SZA performing Consideration (which she’s featured on on ANTI)!

1:55 15 Apr 2016

As predicted by fans, Toronto has been a big stop for Rihanna on her ANTI World Tour. She hasn’t just performed twice but celebrated her best friend Melissa’s birthday at Drake’s co-owned restaurant Fring’s as well. According to rumors, the name of the restaurant, Fring’s, is the nickname Drake uses for Rihanna, with reference to the two’s favorite TV show Breaking Bad. However, this is not something Drake has confirmed (nor has he denied it). Instead, he says the name comes from Jamaican patois and is ”just something you pull from your own emotions, from a happy time”.

During the first Toronto show, the city native rapper was just watching from behind but for the second night he joined Rihanna on stage to perform their smash hit Work.


This is the second time he steps out to grind on and sweet talk our girl during the AWT. In Miami, he talked about her ”soft hands” and last night told the audience Rihanna is ”the greatest woman I’ve ever known in my entire life”. Ugh, make a baby already!

Besides from Work he also performed One dance off of his highly anticipated ”Views from the 6”, dropping on April 29th. This is the first live performance of the song that also features Wizkid and Tyla.

Drake, unlike Rihanna, is a dinosaur when it comes to certain social media outlets… He did manage to hype the album release on someone else’s snapchat backstage though (and sound like a grandpa wanting to be hip while doing so).

EDIT: Ebba is upset that Alex referred to Drake as a grandpa. Very upset.

Here’s to hoping grandpa comes through and joins the greatest woman he’s ever known in his entire life in Europe so we can watch him do his faces from front row. Ok? Thank you.

10:52 14 Apr 2016

Rihanna and Nyla have known each other for quite some time. It all started with Nyla’s aunt Shawnté sharing videos of the 10 year old fangirl from Philadelphia on social media, where Rihanna would watch and often comment.

Reply on @freeticketsdeeznutz video #nylalynn #iheartrihanna

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(Video and reply from May, 2014)

Some days ago we posted the backstage video from the AWT Philly show and now: here’s Nyla’s story. Can we all give her a round of applause for being such a good story teller please?!

I was very excited when I opened the tickets on Christmas. It was my first concert so I didn’t know what to expect. When we got there Travis Scott was performing so we went to the booth and I got a Tour book and a album.  Then we went to our seats.

Auntie told me that Rih would come on 9:15-9:20 so when I looked at my phone it was 8:36 and I was sooooo impatient I could NOT wait but like it was RIHANNA like how could you be patient?. So I went on Instagram to look at my feed and the next time I looked at my clock it was 9:00 at this point my heart was beating out of my chest since that moment I was counting down the minutes until Rih came on.

Now it was 9:14 and I was jumping ⬆️ and ⬇️ in my seat I was excited but so she didn’t come on at 9:15 but I was waiting on 9:20 and at 9:21 ALL THE LIGHTS WENT OFF and then these 2 pieces came up to form a trapezoid and then I saw Rih walking up.  She started singing Stay. We had floor seats but EVERYBODY STOOD ON THEIR CHAIRS so I couldn’t see her, so me and Auntie moved. She had on a white cape but I wanted to see her outfit so I said ”IS SHE GOING TO TAKE THAT CAPE OFF” and when she got on a catwalk she did. She looked so cute. She danced and sang her songs then I watched the rest of the show.

Out of the whole show my favorite performance was Man Down. I love that song. It’s my favorite. After the show Auntie met up with her navy friends Kiya, Shay aka Rihplies, Alleyah. The paps guys were with us too. Cesar and Diggzy. We was waiting by the stage and  Rihanna’s body guard told Auntie to come with him so Cesar picked me up and we went backstage and I literally could not wait? So I was just sitting backstage with my sharpie and my tour book and album. I kept asking Auntie when was Rih coming. Then we heard Rih’s voice and Auntie went to go ”PREPARE” herself?


Then Rih came out and then she came to see me, Auntie and her navy friends. She’s so funny. She was asking me about my little sister Nia. Rih really thinks she can have my sister. She cannot. She asked me what my favorite cartoon was. I told her SpongeBob. She said SpongeBob was lit and not for kids. Lol. I also got a autograph, a selfie, and like 52 hugs and kisses. I couldn’t sleep the whole way home. I couldn’t wait to tell my mommy. I was sad when we had to leave. Rih said she was going to follow me on Instagram and at like 4 am she did. I have the screenshot.

I love Rihanna because she loves me??⚓️❤️??”

– NylaLynn


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9:27 13 Apr 2016

As we know, Rih is extremely sweet with her fans. Especially through direct messages on Twitter. When she’s not out on tour meeting each one of us, this is usually how she talks to some of us, in private.

Recently, Rih had a conversation with a fan about being gay and coming out. Look at her sweet and supporting messages below:

IMG_6783 IMG_6784 IMG_6785 IMG_6786


8:17 11 Apr 2016

Another week another nhevi to get to know! Say hi to Rebekkah from NYC:


18 on Saturday!

2) Where do you live?

3) Name?
Rebekkah AKA Bekkah

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?

Yes! I already have.


Can you describe how seeing Rihanna at the AWT was?
AMAZING. I know everyone says that but honestly. Her vocals have grown so much in this era and the show feels much more intimate. It felt like she was singing directly to me. The first show I went to I did a lot of recording. The second show, I turned my phone off and took in everything. I bursted out in tears when everyone was singing Diamonds with their lights in the air. Unforgettable night(s)!

How does being a Rihanna fan affect the rest of your life?
I mean how doesn’t it?! My closest friends are in Rihanna Navy. We just click. That’s something people try so hard to find in life… Someone they connect with. Luckily for me, connecting is just a Twitter app away. It can be quite embarrassing when her music comes on in public cause I start dancing uncontrollably and I won’t stop until the song is over.

Do you have moments when you listen to specific Rihanna songs?
Definitely… Especially Anti. Rated R used to be my go to album but now that Anti is out, I play it through and instantly forget why I’m mad/sad/etc.. That’s something a lot of artist can’t bring to the table because they’re all starting to sound the same.

Would you say that you’re known for anything special in the Navy?
I’m a talentless blob. Haha, I do play piano though so I can basically play any Rihanna song on it. I’m also known as the navy thot, which is such an honor!

How long do you ”plan on” being a fan?
Till di wheels fall off. I probably won’t be on stan Twitter once I start college (I’m lying. It’s an addiction) but I will always support the woman who has always been there for her fans.

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