7:16 14 Okt 2017

YouTube alert!

Alex Alvina Chamberland and I talk about sports and politics in this first ever Fangirls Talk episode. If your interested in any of the following you’ll enjoy this video:

Hillary Clinton (and her hot sauce)
Maria Sharapova (and her bitchiest moments)
Rafael Nadal (and his OCD)
Cristiano Ronaldo (and his love for Rihanna)
Serena Williams (and aaaaall the drama off and on the tennis court)
Margaret Thatcher (and the impossibility of fangirlin’ her)
Tonya Harding (and all her heroine ways)
Ursula (and other villainesses)
Nick Kyrgios (and his goodboybadboy ways)
Seve Ballesteros (and the fruitcake incident)

The list goes on and the video is long but there was just so much to talk about that we could have easily gone on for another 4 hours to be honest. It’s a name dropping paradise where we get lost in the world of sports and politics and our fangirlin’ desires. If you get tired of watching us you could always just listen to it as well, while you’re doing the dishes or playing in your bullet journal or eating some good food or you know, whatever makes you happy!


1:39 13 Okt 2017

As part of the Vogue’s Forces of Fashion Conference Rihanna was invited to a talk with Hamish Bowles earlier this evening. The interview starts at 4:11 and is a real treat to listen too. I mean Bowles didn’t do his homework and keeps asking her about where Fenty x Puma is going, where the next show will be etc when in fact she already did her final collection for Puma, but I love seeing her in these kinds of settings where she’s allowed to elaborate on a few topics instead of just doing fast questions at a red carpet event. The story about her Guo Pei dress at the Met gala for example, like wow, a TREAT starting around 20:20.

Live from our Forces of Fashion event: A conversation with Rihanna and Hamish Bowles. See more from the day: http://vogue.cm/sx5nYMq.

Posted by Vogue on jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

A little earlier, at 15:40, I actually started crying though. Speaking (again) about the diversity in Fenty Beauty she says:

We’ve had this amazing emotional connection with customers who’ve never been able to find their shade of foundation before. I mean like women crying at the counters. It’s crazy to even think about because when I first started creating the brand and make a foundation – it wasn’t that deep for me. I just… The first woman I ever saw put make-up on her face is a black woman – that’s my mom. So when I’m thinking of my costumer THAT is one of my customers.”

Yes, I’m pms:ing and I’m tired and in Berlin where nothing went my way today but it just says something about how closely connected diversity and quality are to each other. Just as it describes exactly how I relate to my own creativity. When I write it’s either my grandmother, best friend, baby cousin or myself I see in front of me. And one of those (preferably all) need to feel important and seen in the piece I’m making. For example: writing a comedy I doubt my best friend will enjoy is an impossibility. Because their needs and perspective is with me, so I have to be respectful of that and responsible in where I throw the punches (never down, always up). Likewise with me gravitating towards soap opera themes in my plays as this is a major connection for my grandmother and I.

What I’m trying to say: Rihanna recognizing her mother’s image when she sets out to make a foundation hits home. It’s beautiful and powerful and should not be underestimated.

Speaking of soap operas though, Rihanna truly looks like a mogul from The Bold and the Beautiful (Sally Spectra anyone?) in these candids of her getting to the conference! A LOOK.

And before we wrap this up: earlier today she did something I’ve never seen before. She went to the gym. A fangirl is surprised.

All pics from rihannarange.com.

5:52 5 Okt 2017

One year ago Melina was the Fan of the month here on the blog. She told us about her jewelry brand Saga Melina and how Rihanna is a big inspiration in the creative process.

”Rihanna inspires me a lot. Every piece I make is created to exude confidence and promote an individual style. That’s something that I’ve been inspired by her to do.”

– Melina

Well, it’s working because Melina is one of ten designers who’s been chosen to showcase her work at Stockholm Fashion Week in August 2018. Couldn’t be prouder!

Jewelry by Saga Melina.

Obviously that’s a little nerve-wracking but thank god for Rihanna who’s quick to support her fans. Just look at her respons when Melina vented how nervous she is:

I remember after the Malmö AWT show how Melina and I was able to give the gifts we brought to Rihanna to her security. To this day I still don’t know if she ever saw them but I pray to God she at least opened Melina’s because she handmade this beautiful bracelet in silver for her. It was incredibly pretty and deserves to be seen tbh.

Here’s to creative fangirls! We’re the best, I wanna love and support us forever.

2:33 2 Okt 2017

SS18 is Rihanna’s final collection for Puma. She went out with a bang, or on a bike, and have managed to pull off a real reboot of PUMA since she became the company’s women’s creative director back in 2014 (earnings went up 17% the first year alone).

I’ve tried to get something from each collection, first to wear but now it’s more of a collectors thing. I enjoy having the pieces in my home, even if I’ve found I don’t really wear them much. 1) they’re expensive and I’m kind of too scared to ruin them and 2) I’m a + size girl and Rihanna doesn’t really make + size clothing (for my body type at least). So I stick to the accessories, shoes, make-up etc. And on occasion a piece of clothing, I’m not gonna lie :)

still not over it…😱 #FENTYxPUMA SS18. In case ya missed it…

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Is there anything I want to get from the SS18 collection? Yes. Yes. Yes. Can I afford it? Nope. Do I think it’s gonna fit me? Doubtful. So I’ll wait until I can try the pieces on this time as there’s no point in consuming (ever) things I won’t wear, and can’t afford. Looking forward to seeing other people wear it all though! And Rihanna herself of course. Imagine that feeling, going to a club in clothes you designed, wearing your own make-up and listening to your own songs. Must be so surreal.

Selected looks from the Fenty x Puma SS18. Photos by Luca Tombolini / Indigital.tv via Vogue.

I think it’s pretty amazing she’s managed to pull this off in the midst of all her other projects (!). How does the woman get the time? And energy? And focus? A true inspiration.

3:53 28 Sep 2017

There’s been so much going on and I haven’t been writing about any ot if – I KNOW. Fenty x Puma show, Diamond Ball, Fenty Beauty launches, clapbacks, tweets to Trump and a lot of fan interaction. It’s a magical time to be a Rihanna fan. It’s also very stressful time to be me. I have 4 deadlines coming up before December while also studying full time, meaning my life is a bit hectic. Compared to Rihanna it’s nothing though. Like I said, she has been busy and I very much cherish and see everything. Like Beyoncé and her at the Diamond Ball together:

A dream come true <3 I get so happy everytime I see them supporting each other. This was the third annual Diamond Ball for the Clara Lionel Foundation and the first time the event was held in New York City.

In the spirit of giving back and organizing for change, RiRi has also been busy tweeting Donald Trump these past days about his complete ignorance and refusal to help with the disaster that’s still happening in Puerto Rico. Rumor has it if he replies negatively in any way a revolution will finally happen…

On to the Fenty Beauty launches! New York, London, Paris and Madrid all got a visit – in that order.

My favorite look is the Madrid one. I’m on the floor everytime I see those pics. Mamacita!

Besides from Rihanna’s presence at them, the most exciting part of these launches was the London party for me. Five fans from the UK navy got invited and I can’t even begin to imagine what an experience that must have been. Dan, one of the sweetest fans I know, got to spend his night with Rih and I teared up watching to livestream.

Do you see how close they were?! At the same damn bar, at the same damn party, at the same damn time.

Have any of you gotten your hands on some Fenty Beauty btw? I’ve picked up a few things and am super happy about them all. Foundation sits beautifully, Trophy Wife is completely insane, Unicorn is fun and the gloss smells so good I could eat it.

Ok you know what, I thought I’d be able to cover everything that’s been going on with Rih lately in this post but it’s too much and I don’t want to rush it. Fenty x Puma will get it’s own post, in it’s own time. Just know part of the AW17 collection went on sale today! Available at the usual places, including Pumas website of course.


Oh! And I was interviewed by P3 about Rihanna yesterday. It’s a big thing they’re doing so it’ll probably take some time before it’s out but I’ll make sure to let you know when it happens (even if I’m panicking a bit over allt he things I forgot and all the blabbering).