11:57 20 Nov 2017

In exciting news: Rihanna is the guest editor and cover star of Vogue Paris‘ December issue. This is the first time she fronts the magazine, thus completing covers for all the ”big 4” – U.S, Italy, France & the U.K. Actually it’s 3 covers in total, all shot and styled by different people. Find them on stands December 1st!

Cover 1
Shot by – JuergenTeller
Styled by – AnastasiaBarbieri


Cover 2
Shot by – Inez and Vinoodh
Styled by – Mel Ottenberg


Cover 3
Shot by – Jean-Paul Goude
Styled by – Aleksandra Woroniecka


I wonder if she’s wearing STUNNA – Fenty Beauty’s ”lip paint” – on the third one? Did you see her super cute try to at a tutorial on Instagram? I love how active she’s been there lately, you can tell she’s excited about Fenty Beauty because it’s making her post selfies all over the place, comment of people’s pics and interact like the good old days. :)

6:20 10 Nov 2017

I andra omgången av Fangirls Talk pratar jag YouTubers och Rihanna med mina kusiner Lova och Livia Persson. Det blir mycket Jocke och Jonna och jag fattar väldigt lite men det är mysigt och kul att försöka. Inspelat i mitt barndomshem (ett utav dom) dessutom!

Fangirls Talk: YouTubers with my baby cousins Lova and Livia Persson. The video is in Swedish so none Swedish speaking folks will have to sit this one out.

12:25 2 Nov 2017

As hinted on social media and billboards for a couple of days, N.E.R.D is coming out with new music and the first drop is a collaboration with Rihanna (who serves a 58 second rap verse)! The track called ”Lemon” came earlier today along with a video where Fenty is sitting on a hotel bed shaving dancer Mette Towley’s head before Towley takes off dancing alone in a market space:

Could this be what was made when Rih, Drake and Pharrell hit the studio in London back in 2016? I think so.

It’s not just us fans that’s been waiting patiently for this to be released, Missy Elliott got to hear the song some time ago and have been waiting ever since!

Yas! These random drops here and there is like a vitamin D injection to me. Rihanna hasn’t performed ONCE in 2017, yet continues to stay relevant and on top of the game. Movies, fashion, make-up, photo shoots, awards, philanthropy – she stays busy and I love all of it but new music (with possible future performances….?) gets me a liiiiittle bit more excited. ;)

1:00 28 Okt 2017

I’m going to link two articles below. I want you to read both of them, because they are important. And I want to send a huge thanks to my friend Maria for showing me the second piece, or I probably would have missed both.

  1. The Cut: Rihanna on Fenty, Instagram Trends, What’s Cute (and Not Cute) for Boyfriends
  2. Man Repeller: Rihanna’s Perspective on Her Weight Changed How I Think

This is a complete spoiler but I need to repost the quote that gave birth to the second think piece because it’s that profound. Rihanna is asked in the original interview: ”What would you want to tell young girls about how to wear clothing that fits their bodies, but also makes them feel good?”

To this, she answers: ”Well, I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day — the next week — I need something oversized; I need a little crop here and a high-waist there to hide that part, you know? I really pay attention every day when I go into the closet about what’s working for my body that morning. I feel like that’s how everyone should go after fashion, because it’s an individual thing.”

I’m having a bit of a moment here because just like Celeste Little says. ”even though I’m doing better at accepting my body, and loving it because it’s my home, I don’t think I’ve ever called bouncing between sizes a pleasure.”

And I want to. I want my body to be a pleasure. Not in the creepy John Mayer way but for myself, because I’m the one living in it. Rihanna describing her body’s changes as a pleasure is also the best possible example of why I feel empowered by her, and why there’s something so liberating about her confidence. It’s rooted in this quote I think. In her viewing changes as a bliss.

So go read the articles now. They’re important.

Illustration by Jonquel Norwood.

12:13 27 Okt 2017

Rihanna’s been rocking a new hairdo lately and it’s probably one of my favorite ones ever, together with short-short a la Vogue Brazil shoot back in 2014.

On her way to the studio, wearing Fenty x Puma SS18.

Leaving her apartment earlier today.

Hitting the gym in NYC.

I also want to point out how cute it is that she’s looking just like her fictional character Tip from the movie ”Home”. Odd thing: I still haven’t seen it. I’m ashamed of myself, yes, but it just hasn’t happened. Someone who’s watching it frequently though is Pink and her daughter, judging by this tweet:

(Dancing in the dark is from the ”Home” soundtrack.)