4:08 17 Feb 2017

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For interested (Swedish) readers I was on the radio talking about fangirls and Rihanna yesterday: link here.

Happy listening!

5:28 13 Feb 2017

It has been a glorious night. Beyoncé stepped out to shine on humanity with an AMAZING performance. Blue-Blue looked prouder than ever and Rihanna brought her flask to the awards.

Also, this magical moment that should put an end to all stan wars:

Yes, I pissed myself and shed a tear too. Two amazingly talented and accomplished black women showing love towards each other while the world is busy putting them against each other. Rih <3 Bey 4ever.

Another <3 forever is Blue Ivy stanning her mom. I captured these lil moments during Bey’s performance, just look at how proud she looks:

Mmmm…. Gained some restored faith in humanity tonight.

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Screenshots from Twittah.

3:07 2 Feb 2017

WHAT A DAY! Beyoncé announcing her pregnancy might have been the best thing to happen since 2015. People were actually posting positive posts on social media for a full hour until a video of a journalist being thrown out from Trump’s press conference to the words ”Get out of my country, this is not about you”. (Resist!).

That happiest of hours was magical though. Thousands of people crying real tears over the expanding family. Blue-blue becoming a big sister to twins (!!) and them letting us know with THAT picture on THIS day (the beginning of black history month). Rihanna was also quick to congratulate:

so excited about this news!!!! Congratulations to you @Beyonce and my big brother Jay!!!! ????

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And guess what happens next? Our girl Robyn Fenty goes on liking a comment saying ”Now you please!!! That’s much to ask?”. Of course fans freak out over the thought of a mini-Robyn which results in the following rihply:

⚓️Reply on @niafenty pic 10 mins ago. Thanks @rih_lover @rih2dope⚓️#sisssssss ????

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”Leave my pussy in peace!!!”


More moments of Rihanna talking childbirth and ”her”.

11:19 29 Jan 2017

What is going on with Rihanna and Azealia Banks? Well, a lot. Let me walk you through it. It all started with Rihanna reacting to the news of Trump banning 134 000 000 people from entering the U.S based on the origin by calling him an immoral pig. Banks commented on this by defending Trump and saying Rihanna really have nothing to say about the issue since she herself is an immigrant. The whole thing is beyond ugly. Read for yourself below.IMG_6116


Rihanna claps back and manages to throw in a reference to Banks sacrificing chickens in her closet:


The later then left another disgusting comment:


… Rihanna posted yet again and Azealia responded…


Simultaneously, Rih also took the chicken to Twitter where the clap back of the day happened. Peek the caption. All hail our humanitarian queen <3

When you thought it was all over Rihanna made a message she’d received from Azealia’s (with Banks’ phone number) her new Twitter avi. Internet lost it and she soon changed it to a newer-seen-before-selfie, but be sure it was screen shot a million times and will live on forever.


To sum it all up, Fenty left the protests in NYC to engage in her role as Global Ambassador for Education in Malawi. There she used social media to call a pig a pig and stand up against racism, sexism and classism, all in one day. Go Rihanna.


Sidenote: it’s not the first time Azealia’s mad at Rih. Suggestions are it stems from getting cut off of ANTI…



2:27 22 Jan 2017

An estimated 2,9 million marched all over the U.S today. As of an hour ago Rihanna is one of those who stepped out protesting the new president and his racist, fascist, misogynist, ableist, classist and homo- and transphobic politics while chanting ”my body, my choice” (and dabbing) outside Trump Tower in NYC.

Protesting with @badgalriri Rihanna outside Trump Tower NOW! YAS QUEEN #mybodymychoice #womenempowerment #womensmarchnyc

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I just protested with @badgalriri in NYC what a crazy day

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I was watching the live stream from D.C earlier and for the first time since the election night I felt (somewhat) hopeful. There were so many brave, intelligent, compassionate, funny and intersectional feminists speaking I just sat there in awe. Like wow, we can and we will put an end to this nightmare. We have to.

Now I’ve been updating this post as the videos and pictures came in but I think Rih’s home again (she and her friend’s are back to posting about it on IG) so goodnight/morning and remember we’re all in this together. <3

protest looQs ?

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So proud to be a woman!! So proud of the women around the world who came together today for pro-choice! ???

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