5:28 3 Nov 2016


I thought I’d let you in on why I have no time for updating the blog anymore by showing you what I’m doing instead. I think I mentioned it before but I’m pursuing a master’s degree in theatre at the Malmö Theatre Academy. That basically means I’m doing a bunch of projects and reflecting upon how they interact with my creative practice.

Next week, November 12th, I’m participating in the festival Transistor 2 here in Malmö with a play calledGlamour. Script by me, direction by Amanda Linnea Ginman and actors are Lukas Orwin, Katja Lobas and Camila Bejarano Wahlgren. If you’re in the Malmö area – hit me up and I’ll put you on the list to guarantee you a seat (it’s all for free)!

Then, November 16-17, my monologue ”Jag ville vara Britney, Whitney & JLo” goes up on Potato Potato’s stage at Rolfsgatan 5. I’ve taken it upon myself to learn about light and sound and set design and it turned out to be way more complicated than I first imagine. But after a few weeks of doubt I’m super happy about the result! This is all made on a 5000kr ($560) budget and a DIY-with-no-knowledge-kind-of-thing and considering that I’m so proud of what I’ve done. Also, I’ve managed to learn a little bit about programming and light design in the process. My ambition was to be more independent and not have to rely so much on technicians in the future and I think I’ve taken a big step towards that. Now I just want to learn more and more and it has everything to do with witnessing the Anti World Tour this summer.

Since the Malmö show I’ve been googling Rih’s set designer and creative director Willo Perron and lost myself in the dramaturgy and design of big arena shows. It’s by no means what I’m doing at school but that kind of larger than life room/space designed to make each and every person feel close to the person/act on stage is worth learning more about.

Writing this now I realize there’s a lot of stuff I’ve carried with me from the AWT into this project.

Rihanna during one of the sets of the Anti World Tour. Creative Direction: Willo Perron, Scenic Design: Willo Perron, Lighting: Jesse Blevins.
Rih won’t be on the bathtub during the performance but I couldn’t resist having a little Kiss it better moment after rehearsals. 


The ceiling piece from AWT also stuck with me and became inspiration for a floor reflecting light, stage, movements and people.



In my research on Willo Perron I also started reading about the creative process behind the ANTI diaRY. My monologue takes place in a bathroom which is the reason for the bathtub being center stage, but I can’t deny this image has been with me, somehow, too.


Oh and by the way, for those of you who didn’t entirely get the story behind ANTIdiaRY (like me), here’s what the idea behind it was:

”ANTIdiaRY is a cryptic digital journey into the life of Rihanna in which the artist’s memories unfold in a series of eight episodes. Each episode correlates with an album release and represents a turning point in Rihanna’s life.”
– from

Time to go! Take care everybody <3

6:10 16 Okt 2016

The headline is not a lie. Robyn Rihanna Fenty knows about this blog, about We found Rihanna, and that’s just beyond. How do I know? Well Melina sent her parts of her interview as Fan of the Month to Rih and she not only read the message, she replied!

I’m so so happy for Melina who’s been getting all this love from Rih lately!! And I’m so so happy for myself to be part of it somehow. She’s liked pictures of me with other fans before and followed me on Twitter for about a year (still don’t know why she unfollowed). This however is the first time I can be certain that she at least knows the name of my blog as well. <333


The girl who knows about this blog joined Paul McCartney on stage for his Desert Trip concert last night.

11:37 10 Okt 2016

I’ve decided to make this a monthly feature instead of a weekly one. It’s one of my favorite parts of the blog and I hope to keep introducing you to a lot more fangirls, I just don’t have the time to keep it up as a weekly feature.

With that being said, I’m so happy about introducing you to this girl. She’s one of the most inspirational people I’ve gotten to know in the fanbase and her name is Melina!


Name and age?
Melina, 32.

Where do you live?

Jewelry designer and smith.

Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?
I really don’t know the number of times I’ve seen Rihanna live… A lot!

Have you attendet ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?
I’ve been at 3 ANTI World Tour concerts.


What was the best part of the show?
I have many favorite parts. I really enjoyed the start of the show. It’s so special and it becomes so personal and emotional when she starts the concert with Stay. My heart was shaking and I felt the tears in my throat everytime I experienced it. Love on the Brain is pure magic in every single way live!! I absolutely loved the new version of Man Down. I would lie if I didn’t say that everytime she recognized me or sent kisses to me was so indescribable and definitely favorite parts of the show as well. And when she signed my album I was just in all tears.


You’re one of the lucky people who have Rihanna’s follow on Instagram. How did that happen and how did you react?!
I don’t know what made Rihanna follow me on Instagram. But during that time two other girls that already had Rihanna’s follow made a shoutout on different days and after a while Rihanna followed me. It’s been a few years now that Rih follows me and I still can’t describe how happy and grateful l am for that. My reaction was just pure joy.

Does it affect what you post? Are you thinking about her seeing it?
I used to get a lot of hate for posting private pictures on Instagram and I deactivated my page for a few months last year. I’ve gotten hate for being a mom and having a fan account. But now when I look back at it, that has only made me stronger. I don’t care anymore and will post whatever I feel for in that moment that I’m in.

My account is a mix of personal pictures and Rihanna related pictures. I would post exactly the same pictures even if didn’t have Rihanna’s follow.

Will you share a personal Rihanna encounter with us? Something she’s told you, taught you or done.
Rihanna has written to me many times both privately and under my pictures. She wrote me during both the Diamonds World Tour and the Anti World Tour. Those moments have been my favorites because I felt that my Instagram life and my real life got bound together in a way I never expected. It felt so real and it wasn’t just letters on the screen. It was Rihanna in real life noticing me. That was a dream coming true!

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender

How would you describe the navy?
The Navy is very loyal to Rihanna and dedicated and I really love that.

Some navys are really fake and say anything just to climb in a hierarchy that they’ve created. They’re manipulative, loud, word geniuses behind the screen and in real life they’re quite, basic and act like cheeps. After every concert this year I’ve actually unfollowed a few of this type. So therefore I don’t follow new people often and I don’t want many followers as well. Some are attention seekers and cause problem. I don’t want that in my life.

And we have the other part of the Navy, the good ones :) I’ve gotten to know some navy that are literally like my family. I love them so much and I have their back for life! Everytime I’m in a bad place in life they get me back to a better place again. I’m so grateful for that. That’s something that is so amazing because if it wasn’t for Rihanna I would never have met these beautiful souls around the world.

You’re extremely creative and are starting to be successful within you’re field. Tell us what you do and where we can find your products!
I design modern statement jewelry for my own brand ”Saga Melina”. Every piece is handmade in Sweden. Some of my jewelry have been nominated in design awards and been shown in different magazines, which is absolutely crazy! You can find my pieces in different stores in Sweden and Ireland, on world wide shipping web stores and very soon in England and Hong Kong :)

You can look on

img_6457fullsizerender-6Jewelry by Saga Melina.

How did you get into arts?
My way to get into art is pretty much tragic but it ended well.

I used to work as project manager for United Nations in Sweden until the moment I hit my head in a traffic accident in 2011. The damages on my brain took away my good memory. I was really bad and when I were at my worst I sometimes forgot what my name was or who I were. It’s been a really hard time, I’ve forgotten like 70% of my memories before the accident and that includes a lot of moments with my children. I couldn’t continue work in the way I used to for United Nations and so I quit.

I started to get interested in working with my hands because it was like therapy for me at that time of difficulty and I noticed that I got an extremely flowing creativity. So I started practicing silversmithing and stone composure for over 2 years. The doctors said that before the accident the intellectual part of my brain was dominant and because of the accident it switched and the creative part took over. During that time I started customizing jewelry and sell through Instagram and that’s the start of Saga Melina. Now because I personally experienced setbacks in life I give 10% of profits to charity annually.

Does Rihanna inspire your creative process?
Rihanna inspires me a lot. Every piece I make is created to exude confidence and promote an individual style. That’s something that I’ve been inspired by her to do.

What are your dreams for the future?
I have many dreams but the biggest one is that my 1 year old son Levi gets healthy from his spinal cord problems and won’t need any more surgery’s. But I know that that’s unfortunately impossible. Another big dream is to see Rihanna wearing my jewelry.

fullsizerender-2First in line for the Malmö show aka dedicated navy.

12:54 4 Okt 2016

It’s always a guessing game for us fans whether Rih will go Redanna, Greyanna, Pinkanna, Brownanna etc next time she change her hair. This time she surprised us with a return to Rastafarih though. If it’s for a photo shoot, music video (Love on the Brain coming up) is yet to be revealed.

buffalo $oldier

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And then came the candids…

She slayed the dreads back in 2012 too. On the American Idol final where she performed Where Have You Been and of course her social media. This selfie, for example:

The fact that she debuted the new look with just that, a selfie, is as major a moment as the dreads themselves to be honest. She’s been so absent from IG and Twitter lately, all I want are those kind of personal posts and pictures instead of management stuff. Hoping more is to come. <3

2:02 2 Okt 2016

Rihanna isn’t in Paris to just showcase her own line. This Friday she was seen next to Kate Moss at Dior’s show, looking over the top beautiful and radiant (she’s glowing, you can see her glowing right?).

normal_00116 normal_00121 normal_00128 normal_00130

Wearing dress and bag from Dior and DSquared2 ”RiRi” sandals.


I tried looking at Dior’s live stream but thought it was super boring to be honest. I get that it’s amazing how they’ve finally gotten their first female creative director in Maria Grazia Chiuri EVER (less than 20% of the brands showing in Paris had women creative directors last year) but it’s still clothes for white, skinny, upper class women modeled by white models so….

Sure, Rihanna and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie were both sitting front row and there were a few black models on the runway (two by the time I shut the live stream off) but let’s be honest, Dior has a long way to go if they aim to match that ”We should all be feminists” (the titel from Chimamanda’ s famous TEDxEuston speech) t-shirt with some actual action.

Help me out if I’m wrong here but I don’t understand what kind of feminism this consumer idea of ahop you’re way to change is? Yes, some rich woman wears a t-shirt that says we should all be feminists. She feels good about it. Someone is offended. Sweet. But it’s still the same women working in the factories for nothing while predominantly white models are payed huge money to walk the show. And models of color still NOT getting that paycheck. And the same, skinny bodies fitting into the clothes. So what is the feminist statement in that? From where I’m sitting it just looks like a brand trying to score some points in a more politically aware crowd without changing anything substantial about the way their clothes and ideals are being produced. Happy to discuss this further though, I’m no fashion world expert after all.

02-chimamanda-ngozi1Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie front row at Dior SS17. Photo: Getty images via Vogue.

To end this off on a happier note: here’s some more pics of Rihanna:


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