9:33 17 Apr 2017

1. The dance-off with Christian Combs (Diddy’s son):

DANCEOFF MASKOFF @badgalriri vs @kingcombs #coachella2017

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2. This god damn outfit:

3. The friends’ and family’s party snaps:

4. THIS outfit (notice her entire crew is wearing Fenty x Puma footwear):

11:50 15 Apr 2017

New music! Rihanna brought out her inner rapper on ”Loyalty”, one out of three collaborations on Kendrick Lamar’s newly released ”Damn”. I love it this song so much. It’s smooth enough to make me wanna bathe in it. The sound is exactly what I imagine a soundtrack to Rihanna’s birthday trip to Aspen back in ’14 would have been like. Anyone understand what I mean lol?

Besides from the feature Rih is also mentioned on track 12, ”Fear”, in which Kendrick raps:

I read a case about Rihanna’s accountant and wondered
How did the bad girl feel when she looked at them numbers?

A referens to the backstory of ”Bitch Better Have My Money”, where Rihanna takes revenge on the accountant who stole from her (real life story). Our girl RiRi, a true inspiration to peers and fans alike <3

I can’t believe how lucky we’ve been with releases this year? It’s only April and we’ve already gotten ”Selfish”, ”Nothing is Promised” and now ”Loyalty”. Next up should be her collab with Dj Khaled.

1:14 24 Mar 2017

So did you watch Bates Motel? Maybe you even saw it WITH Rihanna? A queen went live on Instagram while her episode aired, playing a drinking game with Jenn, Leandra and Jahleel and commenting on the show. I was asleep when it happened but THANKFULLY someone saved the whole thing. Enjoy:

Some highlights:

6:20 – trying to figure out the hearts

15:45 – the $$$ scene

17:19 – imitating that man’s voice lmao

20:55 – ”I am speaking to my fans!” *slaps Jahleel*

20:12 – mad about her own voice

31:00 ”Where’s Mel? What? Am I not good enough?”

from 32 or something – laughing at the bar scene, laughing at Jenn, laughing at herself, tryna figure out where they play music like that in White Pine Bay, trashing the music, rocking out to the music, being a hot mess.

34:20 – ”Oooo! A black man hitting on Norman! That’s Jahleel.” (Did she imply there’d been something going on between Jahleel and Freddie Highmore here??? There was another reference as well and then they all screamed ”we’re live!!!”)

39:55 – ”I only got to read 8 comments to be completely honest. ….. But love the hearts on the side and..” LMAO her drunk ass.


I could pin down every moment to be honest because the entire thing gave me life. She basically invited us to hang out with her. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE?

5:33 19 Mar 2017

I saw Rih’s latest collection for her FENTY x PUMA line glued to multiple live streams, admiring the catwalk in awe together with one of my BFFs. Rihanna’s projects have a way of making me feel part of something bigger, be it her excellence, fanbase or friendships. I think it’s amazing how she manages to bring that feeling to me not only through her music but with fashion, interviews and performances as well.

How amazing isn’t it that fashion, music, art, movies, literature, architecture etc can make you feel things? For me it’s one of the best parts of life, to experience a physical sensation thanks to the arts. That’s something worth fighting for. I’m thinking of Trump’s plan to eliminate all funding to programs like the National Endowment of the Arts, for example. That can’t be allowed. We can’t allow it. Art and the opportunity to practice it is vital for the quality of life and a healthy democracy since it allows us to feel, reflect, experience new things and challenge our way of thinking. Which is of course exactly what oppressors try to suppress.

A group of people that truly understand the link between art and quality of life are fangirls (we live for it after all!). So I decided to ask around:

How does the new Fenty x Puma collection make you feel?


”I have experienced a new feeling. I call it slayrage. It’s similar to cuteness-rage (when you see a baby or animal that is so cute you can’t handle it and you get mad instead)only it’s when you see someone slaying real bad. What triggered it? Seeing first a picture from the Fenty x Puma line and then pics from Zara Larssons nike cooperation. Like she put split pants on top of some silk boxer short??? Who the hell thinks of that? And it looks so amazing my head wants to explode??? Like in a butch but gay and silk underwear and new way to expose the thighs kind of way???”
– Elin


A few of Dan’s favorite looks from the collection.

”The new collection makes me feel SOOO happy! To see Rihanna grow from such a small artist into the successful musician and fashion designer she has become is inspiring! I’m super proud of her. I love how the collection is based on an ”American cliques” theme, from goths to skaters, to nerds and preppies and bad girls! It has something for everybody and is definitely my favorite FENTYxPUMA collection so far!”


Fenty University, class of 2017.

”I was blown away instantly. The colors are vibrant, & the designs are so ”Rihanna”.”


Tai wearing Fenty x Puma AW16 beenie and sweater, and Fenty x Puma creepers.

– Tai


Some of Vinnie’s favorite looks from the collection.

This collection makes me happy. I love it because I’m so comfortable with this style. I could see myself wearing so many pieces from this collection. I definitely loved this one the most out of all, although the Fenty x Puma collections from before were marvelous as well. I was not expecting this at all, but Fenty never disappoints.”


The models walked on tabletops at the French National Library.

”Her vision is so unorthodox. Just watching the fashion show & seeing her ideas manifested was invigorating.”


”I’m very intrigued by the innovative and versatile pieces that Rihanna and the other designers came up with. She did so well with picking the beautiful and comfortable fabrics and designs.”


DM between Rih and Asia, who’s wearing Fenty x Puma AW16.

”This Fenty X Puma collection got me totally SHOOK. It is everything and more than we expected from the style Queen. I’m so proud of her. I’m glad I’ve got some pieces from the winter and spring collection!!!!! Rihanna has an amazing fashion taste, we can notice that since when she was a child!!! Rihanna is able to influence others style as well. I love her.”


”My fav 3 styles ;-) /Renri”

”I felt I missed those school style which I did when I was high school and uni student! But the collection change those basic school style so much more stylish!!! How cool.”


Lameka Fox walks the FENTY x PUMA AW17 catwalk in Paris.

”It makes me feel immortal.

Bildresultat för oprah crying gif

”The new Fenty x Puma Collection makes me feel immensely proud of Rih. I have watched and admired her growth over the years and seeing her doing something of this magnitude reminds me every time why I love her so much. 


”Even though my student life is ending this June and I could not be more upset, this line brings back my university life in a much cooler and more elegant way as Fenty University. I can’t wait to experience my new university. ”


A pic of her leaving the restaurant in Paris…That evening she waited in the car and when everyone left and I stood there with friends she turned on her light in the car and started waving at us and throwing kisses. /Nathalie

”It made me feel so excited!!! She’s so creative… I even went to Paris to support her 3rd fashion show… Can’t wait until this collection be available!”

6:03 15 Mar 2017

Daniel Wu as Sunny - Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Like the devoted fangirl I am I started watching Bates Motel when it was announced Rihanna was to star as Marion Crane. I’ve sat through 4 (almost 5) seasons and finally, next week on Monday, Feb. 20 at 10 p.m. ET, Rih’s episode will air.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bates Motel, it’s a ”contemporary prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, giving a portrayal of how Norman Bates’ psyche unravels through his teenage years, and how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother, Norma, truly is.”.

And let me tell you, his psyche really unravels. I’ve sat and screamed in frustration over Norma’s protection of her clearly mentally ill teenager, she just doesn’t want to accept the fact that he needs help. WHICH MAKES HER CHARACTER SO ANNOYING AND SO WONDERFUL AT THE SAME TIME. I truly felt it was Norma’s show up until season 4 (and would have preferred it staying that way to be honest). Vera Farmiga’s acting is amazing. Unlike Norman I actually feel for her, while also wanting to rip my hair off in frustration.

Rihanna announced the news about her taking on the roll of Marion Crane from her hotel room in Stockholm back in ’16. This was the day after her 4th of July AWT concert. Anyone remember?


Rihanna out and about in Stockholm on July 5th, 2016.

Writers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin have mentioned her portrayal of the famous character will be quite different from Janet Leigh’s original in the 1960s film, which is only natural. Listen while they talk about why Rihanna was chosen as Marion and what to expect in the interview below:

I’m very excited and so happy for our gal RiRi. She’s truly getting to do all the things she dreamed of. February 20th, who’s watching?