11:35 22 Maj 2017

We just found out Rihanna and Lupita will indeed star in a Netflix exclusive! 

It’s a dream come true! Like HOW?! This genius made a tumblr post about it back in 2015, which then came to Twitter a couple of weeks ago and was seen by Lupita who tweeted Rih who answered and here we are with a soon to be realization of the fanfic. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN HARDLY BREATH. And just as in the Twitter saga, Ava Duvernay will be the director and Issa Rae is in talks to write. Apparently negotiations went down at the Cannes Film Festival and Netflix came out on top. So very exciting and what kind of future do us Rihanna fans have ahead of us? Unreal.

Will end this with some gifs to illustrate my emotions upon receiving these news:


12:18 20 Maj 2017

In a surreal moment Rihanna married the red carpet in Cannes today. She’s there for the official launch of her Rihanna <3 Chopard collection and girlfriend showed up. I’m in awe. This might actually be my favorite red carpet moment of hers. Everything is magical, EVERYTHING. Also true wedding looks inspiration, I bet this is exactly the attitude she’d walk down the aisle with.


Diamonds was played as she posed for the photographers. Like wow, is how I feel about that. What an iconic moment, all eyes on her as she enters to her own music, outshining everything in sight.

11:57 3 Maj 2017

Hi all!

It’s such a treat to look around the internet these days, pictures and praises for Rih just about everywhere. Fenty is truly bringing us all together <3

For the past year I’ve also been working on something that I hope will contribute to bringing people together. I’m talking about ”Movements”, a collaboration between Cirkus Cirkör and Malmö Stadsteater for which I’ve written the script. Tilde Björfors is directing, music by Irya Gmeyner, scenography by Fanny Senocq and Fridjon Rafnsson, costume by Fridjon Rafnsson and on stage we have Helen Al-Janabi, Tom Ahlsell, Nedal Alsuoaf, Nasreen Al-Janabi Larsson, David Eriksson, Irya Gmeyner, Javid Heidari, Oldoz Javidi, Karin Lithman, Ibraheem Manaem, Ashtar Muallem and Johannes Wanselow.

Yes, wow, that’s a lot of names. And of course many more working behind the stage and all around. It’s insane how many people are involved in a process like this, each one as valuable as the other. The premiere is this Friday, May 5th, at Malmö Stadsteater.

Photo: Abed Naji

The performance starts out in parallel stories from refugees arriving to Malmö during the fall of 2015 and volunteers welcoming them. The stories are heard as individual voices, choirs and through the circus’ physical language and magic. It’s also a piece about how a closed border can challenge the solidarity between people and create a void which fear, distrust and division may grow in.

I’m hoping it will work as a gathering space to discuss the experiences our city has. We are so many who carry memories, wounds, love, trauma and strength from the situation that occurs when people move from one place to another, be it us, our parents, partners, friends, co-workers, neighbors or children who made the journey. We need to talk about that and how to practice solidarity and organize against the nationalistic forces marching through Europe (and the world), and I believe the theatre is a platform from which such a talk is possible on not just an intellectual but spiritual, emotional and moral level.

Photo: Emmalisa Pauly

It’s also super scary and a huge challenge. I’m scared of just about everything involving this process but am pushing myself to walk through it. No matter how close the subject is to my heart, how fragile it may be or how frightening it is to be facing my first major production post graduation – I’m doing it and keeping a RiRi attitude about the whole thing, staying unapologetic. As long as we all try, right? No matter how small we may feel, we all have to try and make things better. It’s moving too quickly in the other, very much hostile and excluding, direction. This is my way of contributing to the resistance.

Photo: Emmalisa Pauly


3:24 2 Maj 2017

Rihanna served as usual. After HOURS of waiting she finally stepped out and graced us with another Met Gala delivery.

Tonight’s event is honoring Comme des Garçons’ designer Rei Kawakubo, but tbh most attendants ignored the theme and went for same old same old (yes, especially pointing at you Kylie Jenner). Rihanna went all in though, successfully following the theme while also making it incredibly her. Look at the dress and the shoes and the makeup. I suspect it is Fenty Beauty, launching this fall (look for it at Sephora).

Besides from Rih, here are my favorite looks from the evening:

Zoe Kravitz because look at her, a glamazon angel.

Zendaya <3

Diddy and Cassie in an iconic moment.

One more pic because they both look bossy.

Jourdan Dunn.

Solange’s shoes.

@thombrowneny ⛸

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Tracee Ellis Ross. I love this woman so much.

Janelle Monaé.

La La, fresh out of a divorce. Fun fact, she wore a ring on every finger but one…

Rita Ora.

And Ruth Negga’s dress seems so pleasing and I’d want something like this to hide but also show off in if I ever went to one of these things.

Bonus: Jaden Smith with his own hair as an accessory. (?!?!)

4:03 25 Apr 2017

It’s been a couple of wild days on social media, to say the least. It all started when Lupita Nyong’o saw this Tweet:

And replied with this message to Rihanna:

To which RiRi said:

Later explaining Pit’z is her nickname for Lupita…

Lupita got as happy as the rest of the world upon hearing this:

Next up was writer Issa Rae. As fans suggested she should be part of the project, she was quick to affirm she’s ON IT.

Rihanna’s funny ass didn’t waste a second to follow up on the third member of the fanfic production:

Last but not least, Ava DuVernay jumped on board as director of the movie. Glory:

Lionsgate tweeted about being ready to make a deal this very week and truth be told, there’s probably not a single person in the movie industry who wouldn’t want to be part of this set up. So please, PLEASE make it happen.

“Oh I’m definitely going to shoot my shot. This is an amazing opportunity and all credit to Black Twitter.”
Issa Rae in a statement to Vanity Fair

My absolut favorite part of this entire thing is that it’s FAN FICTION. It’s creatives sitting in front of their computer or on their phone fantasizing about their two fave’s starring in a movie together. And not just any movie but one where best friends Rihanna Fenty and Lupita Nyong’o scams white rich men together. It’s the full length Bitch Better Have My Money we’ve all been dreaming of!

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