Fangirls Talk: Sports and Politics

7:16 14 Okt 2017

YouTube alert!

Alex Alvina Chamberland and I talk about sports and politics in this first ever Fangirls Talk episode. If your interested in any of the following you’ll enjoy this video:

Hillary Clinton (and her hot sauce)
Maria Sharapova (and her bitchiest moments)
Rafael Nadal (and his OCD)
Cristiano Ronaldo (and his love for Rihanna)
Serena Williams (and aaaaall the drama off and on the tennis court)
Margaret Thatcher (and the impossibility of fangirlin’ her)
Tonya Harding (and all her heroine ways)
Ursula (and other villainesses)
Nick Kyrgios (and his goodboybadboy ways)
Seve Ballesteros (and the fruitcake incident)

The list goes on and the video is long but there was just so much to talk about that we could have easily gone on for another 4 hours to be honest. It’s a name dropping paradise where we get lost in the world of sports and politics and our fangirlin’ desires. If you get tired of watching us you could always just listen to it as well, while you’re doing the dishes or playing in your bullet journal or eating some good food or you know, whatever makes you happy!



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