1:22 24 Jun 2017

For her final collection with Manolo Blahnik, a collaboration that started with ”Denim desserts” back in May 2016 and continued with ”Savage” a couple of months later, Rihanna has created 4 embellished heels that are truly the best we’ve gotten from Fenty’s stay in the luxury shoe biz (alongside the 9 to 5’s).

This third and final collection is called ”So stoned” (I see what you did there Rih) and $he made sure to wear one of the designs in the video for Wild Thoughts. The shoe is called ”Poison Ivy” and will cost about 1000x more than any mortal can afford (thanks to capitalism and his friend class differences). Looks amazing though.

Mamacita rocking ”Poison Ivy”.

It’s not always she’ll promote her work and/or designs but we should all consider us lucky this month of June because both video and shoes are getting the best of treatments. Yesterday Rihanna posted three gorgeous pictures, taken by her main photographer Dennis Leupold, of the shoes on her Instagram. Below are ”Bajan Princess”, ”Spice” and ”Poison Ivy” (in that order):

 Pictures by Dennis Leupold for Manolo Blahnik.

The final design is called ”Purple Chalice”, which we’ve only gotten a promo pic of so far:

All the shoes have Swarovski crystals on them, cost between $1,265 to $2,325 and will be available for purchase on July 6th over at manoloblahnik.com.

8:48 15 Jun 2017

”Wild thoughts”, Rih’s song with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, is dropping tomorrow June 16th. The event of this summer is happening at 6am for New Yorkers, 12pm if you’re living in Sweden like me. I’ll be at work but make sure a break is happening at exactly 12 o’clock.

“I want everybody to know this: Be ready — because it’s gonna be one of those.”

– DJ Khaled on Entertainment Weekly: The Show

Rihanna with the album’s executive producer, Asahd Khaled.

With Bryson Tiller and DJ Khaled on set.

1:32 6 Jun 2017

Rihanna’s in Miami to shoot the music video for her and DJ Khaled’s collaboration on his upcoming album. Last time we got a music video from Miami out of her was Needed Me and this looks just as fire = I AM HAPPY.

Have you ever seen a cuter summer breeze? I don’t think so. The set looks amazing as well, loving the vibe and aesthetics.

Art makes the Citi Pretty <3

And a piece of art she is. <3 MUAH!

2:22 4 Jun 2017

Some people find happiness in good food, computer games, books, yoga, cars etc. I find it in looking at Rihanna looking at basketball games. I’m not joking. I get happy for the NBA finals but only because I know we’ll get to see her getting involved courtside again. It’s amazing and probably not what my basketball crazy coach of a father had in the hopes for me.

The first game of the finals went down this past Thursday, and of course Rih was there. Another celeb in attending was Jay Z, who exposed himself as a fake laugher for photo ops and made the internet question everything we thought we saw when we’ve looked at happy pictures of him. It’s extremely funny and life changing at the same time. Look here:

But back to Fenty. She was GLOWING in what I can only assume is Fenty Beauty (to be released in September).

All eyes on her, obviously. Like when she bowed to LeBron and ended it with a dab to the spectator telling her to sit down.

You see how it’s always nicer with her around, right? Here’s a little look back at past outfits and moods from Rihanna sitting front row at games: