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8:16 22 Maj 2016


Being a fan is a sort of mirroring. You search for contact points, real or wished for, where your lives are aligned with one another. Intersections of recognition. Like hearing a song in which the artist re-enacts something you’ve been through or having them share the same interests as you, creating within the same field, coming from the same place, sharing your dreams and desires, your culture, history, sexual orientation or gender identity.

I feel very aligned with Rihanna. She gets, reflects and challenges me. Not to achieve something far fetched or unattainable, just to dare be my authentic self and to do so with my head up. To be proud of my desires rather than shaming myself for them. To be proud of my priorities, proud of my honesty, proud of my open heart. And most importantly: accept the fact that I’m extremely flawed and make that an asset rather than a burden. To be unapologetic. And as it turns out, acknowledging your flaws is one of the best ways of relating to those around you. Stanning for Rihanna allows me to bond with friends, strangers, family and myself. It’s attracting.

So, when it comes to her, the contact points are mostly real rather than wished for. That has turned out to be necessary in order for me to connect. For someone else the contact points may be dreams of what you wish you were or want to become.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be someone or somewhere else. Unlike voting for political ideas representing the upper class, where the action in and of itself is self-neglect, looking up to an idol is self care. The fangirl’s political position is so damn neglected when it should be seen for the radical potential it possess. Fangirlin’ is the collective effort of solidarity and the fanbase is a place where you learn how to give and receive support, get creative, share ideas and develop tools for building a stronger community. That is meaningful on both a private and communal level.


I mean let’s be honest. We all need hope, we all need escape, we all need a vision or dream of utopia. A good artist provides you with that. An amazing one might also question authority, use their platform to lift up those in need of lifting, speak out on sexism, racism, inequality etc etc. The list of admirable and important qualities an idol can possess goes on and each item on that list can allow you to feel aligned with them. To mirror yourself in their achievements. In their strive. But for me, more than anything, it’s the moments of discrepancy that provides a connection with the person rather than the idea. That is where my mirroring happens.

With Rihanna, the discrepancy is always present. There’s no one I feel more aligned with, that I see myself more in, than her. From social media to interviews, concerts, editorials and music – there’s always a point in which an indisputable humanity (vulnerability) shines through. In that I find myself. I find my friendships in her friends. I find my family in hers. I find my courage in her honesty and my body positivity in her boldness.


I also find one of my biggest sorrows when I see her holding Majesty. Because I know that warm, undescribable feeling and at the same time I know how it feels to leave that child behind. The promising of always being there and the fear of never fully being able to follow through. Because that’s what it means to follow your dreams in another city, country or continent, you end up leaving people behind.


And you know what? It’s 100% ok. You do your best, live your life and make sure to take care of yourself so that you can be as present as possible when the two or three or ten of you meet again. And you allow yourself to be the baddest aunt, cousin or sister that baby could possibly have.


Most importantly, you have fun. Whether she’s on her own, at the beach with her BFF, at home for Christmas or up on stage – she feels so damn relaxed. Like every space is natural to her. Not because she fits in but because she doesn’t care too. She won’t let people staring at her limit her sphere, she won’t let an industry built for white people stop her from taking from it what she wants (but in other spaces she might be allowed to deliver the best acceptance speech she’s ever given), she won’t let a negative relationship infect the next one and she won’t give up her integrity for nothing.


And that’s some empowering shit. Being a woman in this society is a fucking nightmare. Each and everyone of us are strong for just daring to live. To see Rihanna not only engage with life but to conquer it is so liberating to me. And still, not even for a second, do I feel less than her. Somehow she manages to constantly jump down from the pedestal she’s being put on. She doesn’t want to be worshiped so she aligns herself with her fans rather than rising above them. THAT is everything. That is what makes her your friend and your confidant. That is what not only talks to you but with you.

To think that through all of the craziness and with all the flashing lights she manages to stay so grounded is really admirable. We talk about celebrities having to check themselves but truth is if we did that half as much as Rihanna must do we’d be way better off. If she can stay humble, so can you. If she can put friendship first, so can you. If she can take the time to listen when Majesty has something to say, even though she’s in the middle of a world tour, than you can take the time to listen to your grandma repeating the same thing over and over again at the dinner table.


If she can find the courage to open her heart and her soul with millions of eyes watching, judging, hoping she’ll fall – then so can you. And that’s what I look up too. That’s what draws me in. That’s what’s so magical about stanning for Fenty: you stan for your friend. And there’s nothing stronger than friendship.


/Alex, who chose to have most of the pictures in this post be of Rihanna and Majesty. Their relationship is my closest alignment and I love seeing it develop.

6:49 21 Apr 2016

The video for Needed Me, Rihanna’s third single off of ANTI, is everything one might expect when matching Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine with legendary music icon Rihanna. It’s equally a Spring Breakers sequel as it is a Man Down + Bitch Better Have My Money evolvement.

Because RiRi is no stranger to revenge videos, we know (and love) that. In Man Down she guns down her rapist.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-21 kl. 12.58.16

In Bitch Better Have My Money she tortures and kills the accountant that exploited her.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-21 kl. 13.11.57

In Needed Me, it’s not as obvious what the killing is actually about. All we know is that she’s living in a mansion, that the environment around her is violent and that the target for her revenge is throwing money around him at a strip club. When she walks in, dripping of confidence and determination, he initially throws money at her as well, treating her like another stripper. She responds by killing him point blank, his own gun lying in his lap.


Her presence in the strip club is in contrast to the other women present. While they are portrayed as sexual objects under the male gaze, Rihanna is something different. She walks through the entire establishment without any engagement in the activity going on, her only reason for being there is to make the kill. Met by the male gaze, she puts a bullet in it’s very face.

I see three possible plot lines.

  1. The Spring Breakers version: Rihanna and that dude, played by Jboy, are competing crime lords. He has done something like taking her clients, killed her friends, tried assassinating her… Something crime lordy that calls for revenge.
  2. The fed up girlfriend: She’s waiting on her man to come home but instead of being with her he’s at the strip club. She decides she’s had enough of the bullshit and goes to the club to kill him.
  3. Work: She’s an assassin who’s payed to kill him (she’s very good at her job, hence the mansion). ”You was just another n**** on the hit list”.

I have no issue with not getting the motive served to me in the video. I know she’s done explaining herself at this point. She knows what she’s doing and why she’s doing it, that’s all we need to know.

Another evolvement from the two previous revenge fantasies we’ve been given from Rihanna is the weapon introduction. Man Down and Bitch Better Have My Money both display a special moment where she connects with the weapon of her choice. While the revenge itself is still highlighted and emphasized in Needed Me, the gun is in her hand from the very beginning. Fact is, throughout the entire video she never parts with it.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-21 kl. 13.09.42Skärmavbild 2016-04-21 kl. 13.07.11Skärmavbild 2016-04-21 kl. 13.32.56

When it comes to Harmony Korine, there’s no surprises. Most of the elements given to us in Spring Breakers are still here. The pink ski masks have become motorcycle helmets and the cheap hostel have turned into a luxurious mansion but the Needed Me has just as much of a ”look at all my shit” attitude as the original flick.

The way Rih walks in and out of the club is basically a reenactment of the ending scene in Spring Breakers, with the female leads making their way to the patriarch chosen for execution with guns in hand and no fucks given. The target is located at the heart of the house, surrounded by naked women.

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10:24 17 Apr 2016

A major part of stanning as hard as Ebba and I do is collecting merch, magazine covers, design collaborations etc. We do this to support our fave but also to feel part of them. When it comes to Rihanna, there’s a lot of things to buy… Ms Fenty isn’t exactly lazy when it comes to magazine shoots and designing.

I’ve never felt that I have to buy ALL OF IT (the Manolo collection for one, mama ain’t got that kind of money or style) but certain pieces will end up moving into my closet and home. Socks, for example. I really like this collaboration as the prices are affordable are the product wearable but at the same time screams of Rih.

It was unexpected at first, Rihanna becoming a sock designer, but something that now makes perfect sense. With all the shoes she’s putting out, from PUMA to Manolo Blahnik, adding socks to the mix fits right in. And I love how I can step out the door dressed in Fenty from top to toe.

The upcoming collection, Rihanna’s third for Stance, will drop April 19. That is TUESDAY. In the newly released teaser she says ”It’s really me in a collection of socks” about the 19 pieces and THANK YOU FOR THAT because she is all I want from the cloth covering my crooked toes.


It was in July 2015 Stance announced that Rihanna would become a contributing creative director as part of a three-year deal. We’re not even a year in and have already gotten amazing designs from the Fenty x Stance collaboration, personal favorites being the ”Punk n Patch” (aka the Kiss it better socks).

Let’s take a moment to digest Fenty’s look in the video though. Red hair! Laid! Bobby pins! Cotton candy! Heaven on bare skin! I really just wanna wear her tbh…! But until that’s made possible I will settle for a sock or two.

The second drop
we have to look forward too (and spend too much $$ on) is the Fenty for Puma fur slides! They will go for $80 and come in black, white and soft pink. The pinks are magical, if you ask me. Also wanna cop the white ones though. And ze black. Too bad on my unemployment and student loans…

16SS_SP_Sportstyle_A3_420x297mm_Rihanna_Fur-Slide-Black-White-Product-Black_-_copie_grande fenty-puma-rihanna-fur-slide-01

Get ready for summer!!!! #THEFURSLIDE will be available on on April 22 at 10am  #FENTYXPUMA

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

This is Rihanna’s third shoe collection for Puma and drops on the 22nd. THAT’S FRIDAY. She’s already been seen wearing the slippers for quite some time, even incorporating them in her Fader cover shoot, and my drooling have just increased for each sighting.

RihannaFentyFurSlides5 2BC093ED00000578-3214973-image-a-47_1440819248796Rihanni-Feature-Updated_Imagery-06_retouch1_flat_gtveos

Get your coins ready! Or even better, send them my way.


10:30 9 Apr 2016


The song I’m most excited to hear at the Anti world tour is Love on the brain. Vocals, storytelling, production, movements, everything moves me down to my deepest core and so far I’ve only seen it on video. Imagining standing against the iron fence after hours and hours of waiting and a full show behind you, knowing this emotional tornado is about to hit… I can get ecstatic for less, let’s just say that.

My only concern is I’ll be so desperate to pee at this hour I won’t be able to enjoy it. But let’s pretend my bladder have grown to a bigger size than peanut level by then, in which case I’m gonna be 100% like Rihanna’s assistent and friend Jennifer Rosales during the performance.

When @jennnrosales song come on ya hear me…. ????? AWT #AuburnHills

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9:31 7 Apr 2016

It was only a few days ago we posted about Rihanna’s absence from the comment section on Instagram and expressed our concern with it being long term. In true ANTI fashion she has returned to the scene with the most heartwarming exchange of friendship magic in a long time. God bless Melissa Forde for getting emotional on her and God bless social media for allowing us to be part of it!

⚓️Reply on @mdollas11 pic, 20 mins ago. Thanks @dang4l @fre3ticketsdeeznutz ⚓️??

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Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s effed up that barely no one talks of this relationship? Jay Z can’t do an interview without being asked about Beyoncé but with Mel and Rih, who have been by each other’s side in the public eye ever since Rihanna’s break through, it’s like it’s nothing special. I guess it’s not interesting if the relationship isn’t a romantic one…

The only time I remember a mention of their relationship is from the Miranda July interview (yes, that same one brought up a billion times in this blog already) in which the driver taking July to the interview says ”Her and Melissa, I think they are the best celebrity friends. I always say that.”. Miranda then proudly demonstrates that she knows Melissa’s last name, like M hasn’t been the closest companion to one of the biggest stars on our planet for over a decade?

Her name should be with you at all times, ok?! She’s the number one protector of our badgal, the one we can be sure to always have her back, keep her grounded and make her laugh. All hail Mel.



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