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8:17 11 Apr 2016

Another week another nhevi to get to know! Say hi to Rebekkah from NYC:


18 on Saturday!

2) Where do you live?

3) Name?
Rebekkah AKA Bekkah

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?

Yes! I already have.


Can you describe how seeing Rihanna at the AWT was?
AMAZING. I know everyone says that but honestly. Her vocals have grown so much in this era and the show feels much more intimate. It felt like she was singing directly to me. The first show I went to I did a lot of recording. The second show, I turned my phone off and took in everything. I bursted out in tears when everyone was singing Diamonds with their lights in the air. Unforgettable night(s)!

How does being a Rihanna fan affect the rest of your life?
I mean how doesn’t it?! My closest friends are in Rihanna Navy. We just click. That’s something people try so hard to find in life… Someone they connect with. Luckily for me, connecting is just a Twitter app away. It can be quite embarrassing when her music comes on in public cause I start dancing uncontrollably and I won’t stop until the song is over.

Do you have moments when you listen to specific Rihanna songs?
Definitely… Especially Anti. Rated R used to be my go to album but now that Anti is out, I play it through and instantly forget why I’m mad/sad/etc.. That’s something a lot of artist can’t bring to the table because they’re all starting to sound the same.

Would you say that you’re known for anything special in the Navy?
I’m a talentless blob. Haha, I do play piano though so I can basically play any Rihanna song on it. I’m also known as the navy thot, which is such an honor!

How long do you ”plan on” being a fan?
Till di wheels fall off. I probably won’t be on stan Twitter once I start college (I’m lying. It’s an addiction) but I will always support the woman who has always been there for her fans.

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10:18 4 Apr 2016

Today is Monday, which means it’s time for Fan of the Week and this time we’ve interviewed Felix from Portugal!



2) Where do you live?
I live in Lisbon, in Portugal.

3) Name?

My name is Félix.

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?
I’ve seen Rihanna live twice now. The first time was at the Diamonds World Tour, in 2013, and the second one being last week, for the AWT.

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?
Yes! I have attended one show, last week in Brooklyn, NYC. I will be attending Wembley, London, on June 14th and still thinking about Barcelona or somewhere in France.

6) So, you just attended an AWT show, was it everything you thought it would be?
I’m still not over it. It was my second time seeing Rihanna and as I’m young, the first time was when I was 12 (at DWT). It was amazing but I wasn’t a die hard stan at the time. This time I was ready. I was sooooo excited, cried a few times. The show was amazing, the transitions between the songs just flew perfectly. In my opinion, everything was perfect, literally. It was much better than what I though it would be. I had to completely re-evaluate my life when she sang my favorite song ever ‘Love On The Brain’. Still not over it.


7) How does being a Rihanna fan affect the rest of your life?
I dedicate a looot of time to her, watching videos, interviews, talking to other stans, etc. I sometimes do too much and don’t do my work. I mean, Rihanna Navy has such an important place in my heart. I spend a lot of money on her as well, which affects my life as I don’t really save money for other things. It doesn’t bother me though, as I love Rihanna.
8) Have you ever gotten any backlash for being a fan?
No, not really. The only negative things that people have been telling me related to me being a fan is ”why do you need to see rihanna 3 times, it’s so much money, and once is enough”. Apart from that I can’t think of anything else.

9) Do you have moments when you listen to any specific Rihanna songs? Like when you’re tired, lonely, sad, waking up in the morning etc?
I listen to Fool In Love when I feel sad, depressed and lonely. I put the song on my speakers and just cry in my bedroom, I can relate to his song a lot, it helps me. That’s what I like about Rihanna as well, that she has such a good and versatile discography that there is music for every emotion or state of mind.
10) Would you say that you’re known for anything special in the Navy?
I’m not really creative or anything, which means I’m not a drawer or painter or editor so I can’t really say I’m known for anything special in the Navy. However, I have started an alternate photography account, to show my followers pictures of my trip in NYC (@felixcvl), for the ones who are interested. I’ve received a lot of great feedback and I think my followers are starting to recognize me as a good photographer. This wasn’t my intention at all, but I’m glad my followers are starting to enjoy what I enjoy doing. I’m not sure if this counts or not, but I’m also known for being and looking young for being in the Navy. I get dragged a lot because of this and have little fights but I find it all funny, and I know it’s all a joke.

10:50 28 Mar 2016

It’s Monday again and that means it’s time for Fan of the Week! This time we’ve interviewed Shannon who is known for her dedication and hard work in the fan base. She’s always fast with updating us on what’s going on with Rihanna and ANTI World Tour. She also goes under the name DJ Hazei as a music producer, here’s her website:


1) Age


2) Where do you live?

New Zealand

3) Name?


4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?

Once (Diamonds World Tour)

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?

Yes! I’m flying to America for this tour… Rihanna doesn’t come here and I won’t be missing this tour! I’ll be attending the AWT in Utah, Los Angeles, San Jose and Oakland!!

6) How did Therih.up get started?

Therih.up is an Instagram account solely dedicated to updating every Rihanna movement WHEN it happens. I branded this account by being one of the fastest update accounts, also teaming up with PUMA, Stance and a lot of other brands to bring huge giveaways to the page. I used to be The Monster Tour Guide, I never missed a tour update… I wanted to continue the extreme and fast updates but wanted an ”all around” general name… I asked for some suggestions on the name change and somebody suggest therih.up!! So I took it, it was perfect!


7) I see you’re making music as well, how is that going?

Yes, I’m making music, it’s going really great. Managed to drop a lot of new content and will be dropping a lot more! Rihanna has definitely inspired me musically. She was the first artist I ever fell in love with, I was so young. From there, I gained my passion for music and I wanted to learn how to create it. I always had a creative mind and it was something that I really wanted to pursue. I went to study music, Rihanna really had my back, she always supported what I was doing and was so happy to see me living this. She kept me motivated and always wanting to strive higher… I think that’s where a lot of my success has come from, I always pushed myself. I got myself on the Ill Semantics album ”TRILLOGY” for my track titled ”Intro” (stream on tidal, Spotify, iTunes, etc) and have just recently released my first single for my upcoming EP titled ”Waves” which is also available for streaming and purchase on iTunes/Google. Keep an eye for me :p

8) What’s your future for your position in Rihanna Navy?

I’ve been here 9 years, loving Rihanna… Only 5 on Twitter but 9 years in full. It’s been an amazing journey, I’ve met so many amazing people and been able to connect with Rihanna in ways I never could’ve imagined. I will be working on my music and releases and will be leaving the Stan Twitter for good after the tour but I will never fully leave!! The only thing I ever have motivation to remix is Rihanna songs!! Lol, I’m always gonna be a Stan!! Once you’re a Navy, you never really leave… And I’ll never really leave.

11:35 21 Mar 2016
It’s time! Our first ”Fan of the Week” goes to Burak, the owner of Rihannas Rehab.
1) Age

I am 21 years old.

2) Where do you live?

I moved to Cologne (Germany) when I started my studies in 2013.

3) Name?

My real name is Burak, but I am better known as ”RihannaDemos” or my fansite

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?

I saw Rihanna for the first time ever when she did her interview at Stefan Raab’s ”TV Total” on November 11 2009. I was 15 back then so I was not allowed to go to the big cities yet, but I begged my cousins and bought the tickets without having any approval at all yet. I attended my first concert in Cologne for the ”LOUD Tour” (2011) and saw her six more times since (another ”LOUD Tour”, all four ”Diamonds Tour” shows in Germany + ”777 Tour” in Berlin).

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?

Yes, I am definitely attending Cologne on July 28 2016, but I am also planning to attend all other three shows in Germany. That will be spontaneous though as it is too close to my graduation. Paper first, fun second.


6) What made you wanna start
Ever since I got my first computer in 2006 I started researching on everything Rihanna, because I literally loved her since Day 1. Me and my Bajan friend were stanning since ”Pon De Replay” played on national TV. In early 2008 I came to a point where I told myself that I have to share my knowledge about Rihanna, her career and person. So I started my fansite to educate the Navy. has a main goal: teach fans about Robyn Rihanna Fenty. That is why you will find no candids, no gossip, no bias, no shade, but the most detailed information you will find anywhere including unique content. The fansite is all love for me, hard work with a lot of time investment, but it is all worth it. Even though I never really met her. Oh and btw: in eight years of running the rehab all fans are entitled to check in, I never let anybody else touch a text – I write my own articles since ever I started.


7) What’s the future of RihannaDemos/ is doing great already, however I want to get independent one day. I cannot, because my fansite is hosted, which means a host is paying my bills and puts their ads on my page in return. I never saw any penny in eight years of running I do not ask for any, but it hurts my ego that other people make use of me. Back when I was 14 and started I had no idea on how to do this on my own, so I applied for the host. The future though? I wanna get rid of anybody. I have no bloody idea on how to implement that though, as they won’t give out my domain explaining it by ”we do not sell our domains to our users”. I would never in my life re-start a fansite under a brandnew domain. Studying ”International Media Management” I made use of all my knowledge to make the fansite grow (it worked PERFECTLY), I cannot lose it. That is where depression starts.

As for RihannaDemos? My ass gon be hired by Rihanna soon. I will join FENTY CORP and take care of her Social Media Marketing. Knowing what the fans really want paired with my business knowledge will be fire. Rihanna, if you are reading this, I will hand in my application with my Bachelor Thesis.

8) If you could work with/for Rihanna one day, what would you wanna do?
”Could”? Serious? I just explained you that I will work for Rihanna. I am not even reaching for the stars, it is indeed becoming reality. I am coming for that wigs. As I told you though: I will be sitting in Los Angeles telling Evan to record more video material, force Mel to take more pictures for Instagram and create magic marketing campaigns to make my girl grow.

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