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7:58 20 Aug 2016


For my first time seeing Rihanna in tour I decided to do things big. You know, Rihanna navy is like a family. I know a lot of navies through Instagram or Twitter but nobody really knows who I am. I’m not in what they like to call ‘the Elite Navy’. So I was afraid to do multiple shows and not meet anybody and have a sad experience. But when tickets went on sale, I was like ”Whatever Rebecca, take your tickets and you will see”. So I decided to go in Manchester first. It was a great date because I knew that a lot of navies would travel there so I thought that it would be fun. And Manchester show was also during my birthday. I never did that for any artist. And for my second show, of course I decided to go in Paris (because I live in Paris lol). 

But Manchester was my first Rihanna date ever. I was so nervous. To meet all the navies, to see Rihanna on stage, to be alone, to be too far from the stage, I don’t know everything was weird in my head. But it was a whole nother story! Every moment I lived in Manchester was so good. When I met all the navies, we were drunk partying on Rihanna’s songs, we celebrate our show together, we sang together, we cried together, we were all happy at the same time, in the same place. It was magical. Really.

And Rihanna. Can words describe this feeling? For sure, no.

Do you know this feeling when you hear a music for the first time, when you listen to each beat, each note, when you hear the melody? When you go to a show this feeling is multiple by 1000000000. When I heard Rihanna sing ‘Stay’ for the first time, I immediately cried. I couldn’t retain my tears. Before the show I said to myself, ‘don’t cry, you’re a grown woman, you can do it’ lmao but I cried like a baby.

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Manchester was on another level. I already saw her before, several times. At the R8 experience, in Paris street, at the Hard Rock Café… But on stage it’s something else. She loves her fans for real man. Like she gives all of herself on stage. She sings every word for us. She knows that when she sing ‘Needed Me’ she tells us her story but our story too. 

But Manchester was not my fave show. Paris was. Because, damn. The vocals, her energy on stage, each show is not the same definitely. Each show has its specificity. In Paris, she bring something special. I don’t know how to describe it but it was a special night for me. My fave moment was the fourth act. When she comes with Needed Me following Same Ol’ Mistake (my fave song). These two songs live are an experience everybody have to live. I’m in love with this part of the show. Really if I could marry something it would be for sure ”Needed Me” and ”Same Ol’ Mistakes” live.

I was sad because Paris was supposed to be my last show. I wanted to try to meet her. But I already knew that other people ”deserve” it more than me. I thought that it wasn’t fair I don’t know. I was ok with the fact that I would probably never meet her. Anyway I was so happy to see her twice ??

Munich was unexpected. I didn’t plan to go there or to do a third date but my dear friend (@badgal_cindy) gifted me my last show. We were front row and it was amazing. But to be honest the crowd was not good (sorry) and I feel that she didn’t feel the vibe… Idk. She had fun in Munich but it wasn’t like Manchester or Paris. But it was cool anyway.

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It was our last show and we tried everything we could to meet her so we waited like 2 hours in the backstage area. Then the moment arrived. My first tour, and the first time I talked to her, I hugged her, I met her ??. It was so special. But when I relive this moment I can’t stop laughing. We saw her 2 bodyguards ran in the street. We were only 4 girls waiting outside. Then she stopped her car. During like 30 seconds, I didn’t realize that she was stepping out her car. I was seated on the street, listening to Bryson Tiller, realizing that Rihanna was 5m in front of me. But I didn’t move lmao. I was like ”Hm ok, it’s Rihanna” and then I really realized lmaooo. The others 3 girls were already hugging her, crying, etc and then 3 minutes after I ran to meet her.

Do you know what perfection is? Lmao. ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY IS THE PERFECTION. Now I understand all the praises Drake always said on stage about Rih lmao. Man. She looks so damn good. She smells perfection, she reflects perfection. We just take few pictures, we talked 2 min but it’s enough. I’ll never forget this moment ?

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Thank you all the navies that help me, thank you for all those amazing moments, thank you for all these memories. Thank you Melissa. Thank you Lele. And of course, thank you Rihanna. Thank you Robyn. Thank you to allow us to live this kind of experience. This stan experience. I achieved my goal for my first tour. And I’m so happy. I’ll never forget my first Badgalriri tour. OH FUCKING NO.

See you at the next tour ?


It’s all for me folks! Thank you ?

/Rebecca, (or Becca for the navies)

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11:43 25 Jun 2016

Woooooah, what a stadium. Rihanna just performed her third European date at Wembley.


It started off a little slow. Due to protests in London city (Brexit) it took some time for the crowd to fill up the seats at the stadium. But after a few songs, they were all there ready to party with Rihanna.

Metro writes:

”The Wembley site shows that seats were sold out, with standing tickets at £75 and seated tickets £99. Perhaps the news of Brexit had kept people away. But she still had the crowd eating out of her hand, especially with her opening performance of Stay which received a huge reaction.”

The Guarian writes:

”If the general mise en scène doesn’t convince people this era represents a new side to Rihanna, then opening the show with a ballad – 2013’s maudlin Stay – hammers it home. Climbing on to a small stage in the middle of the stadium, sporting something between a dressing gown and a boxer’s robe, it’s delivered with her face covered by a giant hood. The coyness doesn’t last long, mind you. By the time the lurching drone of Woo and the brazen Sex With Me are over, she’s already prowling around the main stage like a panther.”


”Often Rihanna dances and sings along to her older songs in the same way most of her fans do – smile on her face, arms outstretched, singing the bits she remembers (We Found Love is basically a crowd singalong). It’s easy to ignore this disconnect, because she still imbues them with her unshakeable Rihanna-ness; that perfect pop voice, the undeniable presence, that couldn’t-give-a-shit attitude.”


”The difference now is that she has a handful of emotional new songs in which the connection between song and subject is undeniable. So the closing trio of campfire singalong FourFiveSeconds, the bluesy Love on the Brain and the dramatic sweep of Kiss It Better are delivered with such conviction it feels like you’re watching a different artist. It’s not perfect, but then that’s never been Rihanna’s MO. It’s the imperfections that make her”


Rihanna also invited a fan backstage: Cabby, a girl that she’s been following on social media for about 4 years now.


Jamie, who also attended the Wembley show, tells us:

”The Wembley ANTI World Tour experience can only be described as a pure feeling of euphoria and the perfect form of escapism from any thoughts clouding your mind. My anxiety was affecting me as it does so often, but as soon as Stay came on and Robyn appeared, all those anxieties were lifted and I became captivated by the beauty, charisma and most of all the incredible talent my fave possesses.”


”Whilst many around me spent a lot of their time recording Rih, I decided to keep my phone off for the majority of the concert (I just took a few pictures) and needless to say I did not regret it. I was going OFF. I was getting my entire LIFE and Rih was giving us EVERYTHING and more. I was on cloud 9 and honestly I did not stop vibing out with Rih for the entire concert. Sex With Me, BBHMM, Desperado, Needed Me, Diamonds, Love On The Brain and Kiss It Better were standout performances for me. Same Ol’ Mistakes was a spiritual experience, and I simply couldn’t resist joining in with the wavey hand dance Rih does during it. Rih’s vocals were astounding and LOTB in particular and THAT moment in Desperado stick out in my mind as wow moments vocally.”

”During Needed Me I was nothing short of posessed, I was PERFORMING BIH. Diamonds and KIB were particularly emotional and those kind of moments that will stick in your mind forever. After she’d finished KIB, Rih stayed on stage for a while waving to and thanking the crowd and it really shone through how incredibly humble and grounded she is. She’s also hilarious and had several funny short speeches throughout the night.”


To top it all off I got to meet so many of my favourite Navy, everyone is so cute and lovely in real life. To summarise, Rih described the night perfectly saying there’s no party like a Rihanna Navy party!! It was complete bliss and I was truly able to be myself and express myself without anxiety during her performance. I didn’t hold back on vibing out and I was myself in my purest form, just as Rihanna is. Rihanna inspires us all to be ourselves and to embrace our own quirks and individuality, and that’s one of the many, many reasons I adore Robyn Rihanna Fenty. I will always be a Navy through till the end. It’s #NavyRDie in this bihhh. My Wembley Anti World Tour experience was truly the best night of my life. Roll on V Festival where I see Rih live again.”


1:41 18 Jun 2016

The European leg of the tour has finally started! Tonight, Rihanna performed in Amsterdam. Here are some highlights/moments from the show:

To show her support to the LGBT community and the victims of the Orlando shooting she changed the colors during some of her songs.



In huge news: there’s new tour merch! 


Like the U.S leg, she starts the show of by singing Stay on her walk (through the audience) to stage B:


From what we’ve heard, the setlist hasn’t changed one bit. The glass bridge and stage B were still there and she had the same outfits, but with a change of hair color. DJ Mustard was set to perform before Big Sean but his flight got delayed so he couldn’t make it. Instead he joined Sean on stage upon arrival.

Now, look at how greeeeeaaat the Amsterdam Navy looks:


Looks like everybody had a great time at the show, we cannot wait for more!


9:52 18 Maj 2016

Only one date left of the ANTI tour in the US now (!!!). In less then a month Rihanna will finally hit Europe but two days ago she performed for the 39th time this tour, in Houston. Here are some special moments from the night:

A proposal!

Rihanna notices her fans from Twitter in the crowd:

And Tiffany dresses up as the queen herself: 


Last show is TONIGHT in Atlanta, then it’s time for the European tour. SO EXCITING!!!!!

10:41 4 Maj 2016

The first of two L.A shows was a star filled one. Lana del Rey, Fifth Harmony, Ashley Benson, Blac Chyna, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie were amongst those who enjoyed watching Riri perform at The Forum.



And another lucky fan got the chance to meet with Rihanna after the show! We are so proud and appreciative of our fave for being so sweet and genuine with the fanbase. <3

I don't think I've ever been this happy #antiworldtour

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