AWT special moments: Jacksonville

11:04 18 Mar 2016

Taylor and Nick (who are both followed by Rihanna on Instagram and Twitter) have after months of waiting finally witnessed their first ANTI concert. And it was… AMAZING!

Taylor describes the concert as a masterpiece. From the elegance of the white stage to her beautiful outfits, her dancers/band, the whole production and setlist. He says we need to prepare ourselves and that he’s excited for the rest of us to experience everything ourselves. Other than witnessing a concert that blew him away, he also shared a little special moment with Rihanna during the concert.

Rihanna first noticed Taylor and Nick during her performance of Consideration. She gave them a quick glance/smile. The next time was during Same Ol’ Mistakes when she was looking right at them, waving and smiling (video below). And then, at the end, during Kiss It Better when she was waving goodbye to the audience, she came over to them and did some kind of hand gesture making it look like she wants to meet them outside. (also video below) A meeting between the two fans and Rih never took place but she later that night apologised for that and also thanked them both for showing up.

What a night, huh?

Nick’s Twitter: @RihannaChi

Taylor’s Twitter: @rudeboytaylor


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