We Found Rihanna has come to an end

10:20 18 Jan 2018

The time has come for We found Rihanna to go into archive. It’s been such a journey writing it. I’ve gotten to think, articulate and analyze the fangirl’s position while supporting Rihanna and her art. I’ve shared my thoughts and feelings on being a part of the fanbase and I’ve had the luxury of meeting amazing people thanks to that. A dream come true.

I want to say thank you to every navy who’s contributed. The Fan of the Weeks and the Fan Encounters – I love you all so much. And I love us. And I love being a fangirl.

A special thank you to Nöjesguiden and Jenny, who allowed us/I to have a platform where we/I could share our thoughts and experiences! It’s been great working with you.

To end this propertly, here are some of my favorite pics taken while fangirling:

My first night out stanning. New York. Rihanna walked out of the restaurang not so long after this pic was taken. I had never seen her IRL before and was shocked at the chaos and at the same time so indescribably happy.

And here she is! Tearing up thinking about it!

Rihanna leaving a club in NYC.

Melissa outside a club in NYC. I remember she recognized me while walking in but I got super nervous and shy so I looked away when she said hi. She came out and hung out with us while waiting for a car later though which was everything, obviously.

Me, London, Shawnté and Mel.

Rih leaving Jenn’s birthday party, heading towards the club (where Drake later also shower up).

This truly is the best picture ever taken of me. Look at my eyes hahahahhaa. I’M SO STARSTRUCK yet I remember I was thinking how cool and collected I managed to stay this time hahahaha.

AWT Oslo.

First time front row. 

Died many times this night.

Many, many times.

Something I wish every fan would be able to experience.

A memorih for life.

AWT Copenhagen. Standing in another part of the Golden Circle this time. Which also meant I got to experience the glass bridge like this:

SAUCY @badgalriri

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Work, AWT Stockholm:

AWT Stockholm.

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BBHMM from AWT Oslo:

Love on the brain, AWT Oslo:


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