Livestream highlights with our hostess Rihanna

2:39 8 Sep 2017

In an amazing turn of events I’ve been able to spend the night with Rihanna. Fenty Beauty livestreamed the launch on Facebook and we got have Rih as our host! She invited all viewers to take a shot everytime we hear the word ”midnight” (which is when the launch is happening) and it was basically all a party after that.

Now it’s the middle of the night and I have to sleep, but I wanted to share some highlights from the interviews and small talk before I turn in. Rihanna…

… on being so hands-on in the creative process:
– You know me. I’m a control freak, especially anything with my name and my face on it.

… on diversity:
– You wanna fill a void.
– Diversity was very important to us. I wanted all girls to be included. I need my friends to feel included.
– We started with 40 shades and we will continue to expand that.
– I wan’t women all over the world to feel great. We are women and we have challenges and we deserve to feel beautiful. And I want women of all shapes and all colors and all races to be apart of this. I want all women to take part of it.


… on the time it took to create her make-up heart on the ELLE cover:
– I’m so OCD. I wanted the edges to be so sharp and clean.

… on when she feels the most beautiful:
– When I have a tan and when my skin is really good. And usually in humid weather. I guess that’s really me describing Barbados right now.

… on Fenty Beauty and her priority in developing the brand:
– It’s make-up so the options are endless. There’s so many products that you can make. But overall I just wanted women around the world to feel included. I wanted everybody to feel like they can have a piece of this cause this is made for everyone to be played with.
– This is the funnest aspect of my carrier.

Now, is there anything else on the list she wanna do?
– Maybe furniture? I’ve thought about it, I’ve dreamt about it.


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