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10:24 17 Apr 2016

A major part of stanning as hard as Ebba and I do is collecting merch, magazine covers, design collaborations etc. We do this to support our fave but also to feel part of them. When it comes to Rihanna, there’s a lot of things to buy… Ms Fenty isn’t exactly lazy when it comes to magazine shoots and designing.

I’ve never felt that I have to buy ALL OF IT (the Manolo collection for one, mama ain’t got that kind of money or style) but certain pieces will end up moving into my closet and home. Socks, for example. I really like this collaboration as the prices are affordable are the product wearable but at the same time screams of Rih.

It was unexpected at first, Rihanna becoming a sock designer, but something that now makes perfect sense. With all the shoes she’s putting out, from PUMA to Manolo Blahnik, adding socks to the mix fits right in. And I love how I can step out the door dressed in Fenty from top to toe.

The upcoming collection, Rihanna’s third for Stance, will drop April 19. That is TUESDAY. In the newly released teaser she says ”It’s really me in a collection of socks” about the 19 pieces and THANK YOU FOR THAT because she is all I want from the cloth covering my crooked toes.


It was in July 2015 Stance announced that Rihanna would become a contributing creative director as part of a three-year deal. We’re not even a year in and have already gotten amazing designs from the Fenty x Stance collaboration, personal favorites being the ”Punk n Patch” (aka the Kiss it better socks).

Let’s take a moment to digest Fenty’s look in the video though. Red hair! Laid! Bobby pins! Cotton candy! Heaven on bare skin! I really just wanna wear her tbh…! But until that’s made possible I will settle for a sock or two.

The second drop
we have to look forward too (and spend too much $$ on) is the Fenty for Puma fur slides! They will go for $80 and come in black, white and soft pink. The pinks are magical, if you ask me. Also wanna cop the white ones though. And ze black. Too bad on my unemployment and student loans…

16SS_SP_Sportstyle_A3_420x297mm_Rihanna_Fur-Slide-Black-White-Product-Black_-_copie_grande fenty-puma-rihanna-fur-slide-01

Get ready for summer!!!! #THEFURSLIDE will be available on on April 22 at 10am  #FENTYXPUMA

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This is Rihanna’s third shoe collection for Puma and drops on the 22nd. THAT’S FRIDAY. She’s already been seen wearing the slippers for quite some time, even incorporating them in her Fader cover shoot, and my drooling have just increased for each sighting.

RihannaFentyFurSlides5 2BC093ED00000578-3214973-image-a-47_1440819248796Rihanni-Feature-Updated_Imagery-06_retouch1_flat_gtveos

Get your coins ready! Or even better, send them my way.


10:30 9 Apr 2016


The song I’m most excited to hear at the Anti world tour is Love on the brain. Vocals, storytelling, production, movements, everything moves me down to my deepest core and so far I’ve only seen it on video. Imagining standing against the iron fence after hours and hours of waiting and a full show behind you, knowing this emotional tornado is about to hit… I can get ecstatic for less, let’s just say that.

My only concern is I’ll be so desperate to pee at this hour I won’t be able to enjoy it. But let’s pretend my bladder have grown to a bigger size than peanut level by then, in which case I’m gonna be 100% like Rihanna’s assistent and friend Jennifer Rosales during the performance.

When @jennnrosales song come on ya hear me…. ????? AWT #AuburnHills

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9:31 7 Apr 2016

It was only a few days ago we posted about Rihanna’s absence from the comment section on Instagram and expressed our concern with it being long term. In true ANTI fashion she has returned to the scene with the most heartwarming exchange of friendship magic in a long time. God bless Melissa Forde for getting emotional on her and God bless social media for allowing us to be part of it!

⚓️Reply on @mdollas11 pic, 20 mins ago. Thanks @dang4l @fre3ticketsdeeznutz ⚓️??

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Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s effed up that barely no one talks of this relationship? Jay Z can’t do an interview without being asked about Beyoncé but with Mel and Rih, who have been by each other’s side in the public eye ever since Rihanna’s break through, it’s like it’s nothing special. I guess it’s not interesting if the relationship isn’t a romantic one…

The only time I remember a mention of their relationship is from the Miranda July interview (yes, that same one brought up a billion times in this blog already) in which the driver taking July to the interview says ”Her and Melissa, I think they are the best celebrity friends. I always say that.”. Miranda then proudly demonstrates that she knows Melissa’s last name, like M hasn’t been the closest companion to one of the biggest stars on our planet for over a decade?

Her name should be with you at all times, ok?! She’s the number one protector of our badgal, the one we can be sure to always have her back, keep her grounded and make her laugh. All hail Mel.



4:14 6 Apr 2016

I’m sitting here SOBBING. BET’s Black girls rock! aired last night and I just watched Rihanna’s acceptance speech for her Rock star award. It’s the most heartfelt and natural speech I’ve ever seen her give. And when praising her speech, the context in which it is being delivered can’t be ignored. What a difference an including space can make. She’s always sassy, sharp and genuine but too many times have I seen that not being received as it should by those listening (or not listening). Here, she’s celebrated and respected in a way that leaves me all fuzzy inside.

Like when she says ”and you know, role model is not the title they like to give me, you know” and the audience starts screaming and clapping for her… Like ok, I’m crying again. It’s so obvious the they is not present in this room. That the they is society, the industry, Lena Dunham or whatever white privilege is speaking on behalf of their own agenda. To not have they present or in a minority means to be recognized. That’s what a community does, it sees and validates you, and I just feel like she should have been validated a thousand times before instead of being asked the same tiring questions on why she doesn’t take responsibility with setting an example for her young fans. Because honestly, she always has.

But racism and classism still affects public as well as private spaces and that is of course beyond depressing. So remember to keep your inclusiveness close and whenever you feel like the walls are closing in on you – find a separatist room that will tear them down and surround you with the acceptance you deserve. It does miracles. It allows you to be yourself and that is half the battle.

Bonus: Hillary Rodham Clinton getting the opposite reception from the audience, including Rihanna (who’s sitting front row with her assistent Jennifer).



2:46 2 Apr 2016

Black Girls Rock! is an annual award show that honors and promotes women of color in different categories like music, entertainment, medicine, entrepreneurship and visionary aspects. Rihanna was given the Rock Star Award at the end of the show last night and earned loud applause.

”Thank you so much for celebrating us in a world that doesn’t celebrate us enough. The minute you learn to love yourself you will not want to be anybody else. Role model is not the title they like to give me… but I think I can inspire a lot of young women to be themselves and that is half the battle. Hopefully one day I’ll be raising my own little black girl who rocks.”

– Rihanna

There to present her with the award was activist, model and founder of the Diversity Coalition Bethann Hardison.

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We spoke to some young fans about the importance of an award like this. Here’s what Muna and Dannia had to say:

”Honestly it means the world to me because it feels like we’re finally being appreciated or at least people are showing us love. Like mainstream shit and I think it’s dope that people like Rihanna and Beyonce are able to do that because I didn’t have that growing up. But I’m still inspired by them and I love the Black Girls Rock event because it’s empowering the younger generations.” –  Muna


”As a fan the importance of Rihanna receiving the award was beyond that, it’s something that me as a young black female can look at and feel encouraged. We’ve all seen the backlash that Rihanna has received over the years for being herself, for being carefree and for setting an example for young black females. She’s been snubbed and labelled as inappropriate and told that she’s not a role model, but that is exactly what she is. A ROLE MODEL; because she’s thought us so much by just being herself, she’s showed us over the years that being yourself is the best thing and the only thing that you can be, and winning that award last night proved just that; it’s important that black females are remembered that you don’t need to fit society’s standards, you fit your own. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to be different, to love yourself and appreciate you. Rihanna is exactly what young black females need as a representative; someone that doesn’t care about what others have to say because she knows herself and no one’s opinion can change the way she view and carries herself. Thank you Rihanna for reminding us that black girls do rock!” – Dannia



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