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3:34 25 Aug 2016

Latest in the growing list of creatives incorporating Rihanna into their work is REILLY, a Royal College of Art graduate and London based artist mostly known for his illustrations and graphic art. His piece entitled Rihanna (2015) will be part of the upcoming exhibition called ”RECASTING” at Cambridge University Museum of Classical Archaeology. The show which ”aims to provoke conversations between the classical tradition and the art of the present” will be open to the public September 5th – October 15th.


Much of REILLY‘s work is about deconstructing celebrities, myths, pop culture, art and fashion. A good example of what this might look like would be ”Hybreed”, a series in which portraits of celebrities are layered on top of each other. Or ”15 seconds”, ”Rollercoaster” and the 2015 series called ”Pieter”, in which the image of Rihanna and Aphrodite of Knidos was first seen alongside celebrities as Adele, Micheal Jackson, Obama and Amy Winehouse mutated into classic sculptures, paintings and each other. Much like Juan Sebastián Peláez and his mythical ewaipanomas, right?

I love to come across artists that, much like myself, has this fascination with celebrities (and specifically Rihanna). A scroll down at REILLY’s Instagram is such a treat.

What do you think of Rihanna hanging in yet a museum? I’d say for a 28 year old gal from Barbados, it’s pretty cool.

10:43 22 Aug 2016

Rihanna performed her last show in Europe last night, at V Fest in England. Rihanna got up on stage in her own AW16 Fenty x Puma collection. Rihanna went out with a bang.


The collection, which features Rihanna’s close friend Naomi Campbell as the face of it’s campaign, will be in stores September 6. The pictures of Naomi are as fierce as they are edgy – everything they both stand for.


I gotta say nothing compares to seeing the collection on Rihanna though. There’s plenty of pieces we’re all gonna want to wear, but I’m not sure who’s going to be able to pull it off after seeing how it could be done:

IMG_2983IMG_2984IMG_2978 IMG_2979

Not to mention this promo pic PUMA just released….


While struck by her looks and this collection, I’m also so very sad that she’ll be leaving Europe now. It’s been amazing having her here and I’m scared we’ll have to wait another 3 years for it to happen again (even if I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long for the next album).

I’ve gotten to catch 4 shows myself and all of them were such an experience. The first set with Woo, Bitch Better Have My Money, Pour It Up, Numb, Birthday Cake etc was the highlight for me. It’s the ultimate party track and Rihanna looks so happy to perform each and every song. My second favorite set is the forth and final one (it can’t be number 1 when you know the show is about to end tbh). It’s the part of the show where she gets to shine, vocally and artistically, and there’s absolutely no doubt of how proud she is of the songs in it.

After the show last night, Rihanna revealed what her next single is going to be and to no one’s surprise it’s the already infamous Love on the brain. This song became a fan favorite as soon as ANTi dropped and has just continued to grow on us, her and the general audience with every performance.

Finally it’s becoming an official single, the forth off of ANTi.


A video posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

On behalf of the entire navy I’d like to say THANK YOU for visiting us Rihanna! We’ve made so many memories together and for this we’re forever grateful. <3


7:21 11 Aug 2016

News just broke that Robyn Rihanna Fenty is this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award recipient.


At 28, she is the youngest artist to receive the award, along with Madonna who got it in 1986. The award is given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture, honoring an artist’s body of work.


Seeing how it’s a Lifetime Achievement Award, it’s not surprising most have to until at least their 30s but with Rihanna, a lifetime of work is already accounted for (with much more to come, of course). The ceremony airs live on air on Sunday, August 28, from Madison Square Garden (first time in VMA history).

I truly madly deeply hope she’ll perform an ANTI medley. Like all of it, interludes included. Not sure I would survive, but it’d be a nice way to go.


Ms. Fenty has also landed nominations for Best Female Video with ”Work”, Best Male Video with Calvin Harris’ and her’s ”This Is What You Came For” plus two nominations in the Best Collaboration category for the same songs.


OMG OMG OMG OMGGGgggggg yaaaaaaaaas if this isn’t exciting news. With seven out of eight cast members announced we know that Rihanna will be joining Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina and Mindy Kaling on the big screen. I actually came from writing that. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH A LINE UP???? I think not. Thank god it’s finally happening.


Who knew I needed Rih and Helena Bonham Carter in am movie together? Me, to be honest. And apparently Warner Brother’s (!) who have also announced an October start date in New York. Gary Ross (Hungergames/Pleasantville) will be directing and I could not be more jealous of him. Imagine getting to work with all that talent?!?! He is also writing the piece along with up-and-coming screenwriter Olivia Milch (daughter to television producer/writer David Milch) while Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s eleven, twelve and thirteen) is producing. But enough about them, let’s get back to the cast.


To no one’s surprise, gathering eight women in a movie is extremely upsetting to Men on the Internet™. Some of the comments you’ll run into reading about Ocean’s eight are:

”Sweet merciful crap.”

”These women don’t do squat for the target audience.”



”They’re all garbage.”

”Wow. What’s next, 12 ANGRY WOMEN?”

”So other than Hathaway and she’s debatable, the rest are old and/or ugly.”

A bunch of sexist crap proving just how fragile patriarchy is. Mention an all-female cast and people will lose their minds in anger. But then there’s those who have done their research and encountered a bit of hope:

”Soderbergh and Ross give me confidence this may be a good film because their participation should guarantee this won’t be another female Ghostbusters.”

Thank GOD there’s men involved people! An all female cast MUST be counterbalanced with some notable men that Men on the Internet™ can trust to keep all them women from making it a complete disaster like that ONE other movie. Yes. They must not have read a woman is co-writing though. Let’s hope she doesn’t ruin it!

On a less sarcastic note, I truly hope this will be more of a Bitch better have my money sequel than anything else. Just think about RiRi, Blanchett and Kalin setting the world on fire while building friendships and tearing down establishments. I realize their bare existence is doing just so but witnessing it in a movie theatre is still just as exciting. Can’t wait to be blown away and most importantly watch Men on the Internet™ get more and more sad over female excellence. <3


1:00 1 Aug 2016

Rihanna showed up at Drake’s annual OVO fest in Toronto last night! Aside from her EPIC outfit the excitement lies in the pair’s first ever performance of Too Goodtheir collaboration track on Drake’s Views.

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY?! Parents <333333 And the fact that she ALWAYS upstage him. Never have I seen a performance when he’s allowed to face the audience lol. Rihanna always manage to get him with his back against the crowd, leaving the lights on her. <3

The other songs performed were Work:

Bitch better have my money:

And Needed me:

Now though. NOW. The look. Her look. Because $he looked like everything. I say this a lot but this time it was on another level, even for her. To me, this is Swarowski dress level.

IMG_1936 IMG_1938rwrewerwrqewqeqqe

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