Fan encounter: The monster tour (Alex’s part)

7:30 25 Mar 2016

This is our shared encounter but you’ll hear it from my perspective (says Alex).

First off, the whole day was insane. Rih was about to do her second show in New Jersey, Aug 17, 2014. Ebba and I both flew to NYC just for this. We were there the night before too, mostly because we couldn’t stand being so close without at least trying to get in. Finally we ended up buying really (really) cheap tickets after the show had started, way up in the seated section. It was amazing and only got us even more excited for our ”real” show the following day.

Ebba had tickets for section A and I for section B. This being the first time seeing her in concert for me, I was super nervous. So nervous I missed my stop and ended up lost in New Jersey. I spent two hours just walking around the outskirts of that ugly place under a burning sun, fearing I’d miss the show. My Swedish cell phone didn’t work and I had no clue where I was, just kept walking on the road that eventually turned into a freeway. At that point, alone on a U.S freeway, I fel it best to grab a cab. The driver charged like 60 dollars for the five minute drive. Fuckery.

When I finally got to the arena the queue was already miles long but Ebba hooked me up with a navy that had been there since morning and I got to jump in with her and her team. THANK YOU higher power for fans and their solidarity. <3


After the show, which was life changing, we all met up and decided to try and meet Rih. After a couple of hours of waiting those left of us split up into two cars that would drive back to Manhattan and the club Melissa (Rihanna’s BFF) was set to host at. We were hoping Rih would show up too.

So I went into one car and Ebba into the other. All the people in Ebba’s car ended up meeting Rihanna outside the club. All the people my car ended up watching the love fest from behind a man made fence.

Here’s what Ebba saw as Rih left the car to enter the club:

Here’s what I saw as Rih left the car to enter the club:

ebae getting luckyIMG_2738

And that’s stan life. Sometimes you’re a lucky bitch and sometimes you sit on the sidewalk. Either way it’s a magical experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again at the Anti World Tour. It’s going to be insane.

Ps. I got to see her up close as she left the club though. MAGICAL.


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