Fan of the Month: Meg

7:26 22 Nov 2016

I first met her at the Monster Tour in 2014, when we queued together for houuuurs before witnessing Rihanna murder the stage in New Jersey. It was my first ever Rihanna concert and the people I had around me will forever be held real close to my heart. And now you get to know her a little better too!

Fan of the Month is Meg:


1) Name and age?

Megan, 21.

2) Where do you live?
New Jersey, I rep NY though. I’ve lived in Jersey for about six years now, but born and raised in New York. I plan on moving back in the next couple of months.

3) Occupation?
I’m currently working as an accounts payable specialist, it’s just a fancy name for an accountant without a degree! I don’t see myself working in a cubicle for the rest of my life, I’ve already gotten a taste of it and don’t like it.

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?
I’ve seen Rihanna three times!

5) Best fangirl moment?
Ahhh I’d have to say the best fangirl moment for me was when she followed me on twitter in 2014, she’s also liked a selfie of mine which was pretty cool.


What did you you think of the AWT?! What show/s did you see?
I saw her at AWT Philly and then again in Philly for the Made In America Festival. Of course both shows were sick!

What was the best part of the show?
The best part about AWT is when she first comes out, the entire stadium shakes and you don’t know what direction she’s coming from, you just hear her voice, it’s completely haunting.

And what is the best part of stanning for Rihanna?
That she cares about all of us so deeply and you feel like one big family being part of the navy.

What else do you enjoy doing besides stanning for $he?
I consider myself to be an artist, I have my hands in a lot right now. I’ve been working on a few photo shoots that I can’t wait to share. Also I’m super into fashion, I’ve shared some sketches of mine on Twitter, the navy gave me such awesome feedback on them btw!


I’m currently working on starting my own brand, Dorothy Studios. The aesthetic of my brand has a lot to do with Rihanna’s CR Fashion Book shoot. One of the corsets I’ve designed was completely inspired by a photo from it. I wanted the aesthetic of the clothing to match the name, Dorothy, so I knew the direction I wanted to go in was some sort of vintage. I started designing corsets even before I saw the shoot, but once I saw the CR Fashion Book shoot- I knew I wanted to go more with that Marie Antoinette vibe, I was completely sold!


If you got the opportunity to work with Rihanna on something, what would it be and what would you be doing?
It would definitely be something fashion related, no question. I fell in love with her sense of style way before I fell in love with her music. In my wildest dreams, I would work with her designing something for her own brand or maybe something Fenty x Puma related!

Where does your inspiration come from and where can we see your stuff?
I can pull inspiration from almost anything, that is one of the perks of being an artist your brain is always working that way. As far as finding inspiration for my photo shoots, I like to work with materials. For example, I’m working on a shoot right now completely inspired by construction products such as- instillation, blocks of wood, and paint cans. Another shoot I’ve been working on is called ”The Clay Coat”. I’ve molded clay flowers and placed them onto a coat and painted them. So I like to work from the ground up in my shoots, I like to start bare and then create. I wouldn’t even say I have using regular clothes in mind, I want to either hand-make all of the clothes I decide to use or create them from distinct materials. 


I found inspiration for my designs by choosing a specific era in fashion, the 18th century, and researching the sh*t out of it! There was a designer in France named Rose Bertin, she was a dressmaker and milliner to the queen. She was known for her extravagant and showy gowns and some say the mother of haute couture, a queen herself! I became obsessed with looking at every detail of her gowns. I have some new boot sketches I’m working on now, my first time trying out designing shoes. The boots are covered in satin bows, cameo pins, and ribbon, can’t wait to share!

Thank you Meg! <3


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