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2:47 7 Mar 2014




Welcome to this special, all-english-speaking, episode of Swedish rap-podcast VBDFR?! This episode marks the return of former-student-turnt-full-time-rapper and self proclaimed ”bad bitch” CAKES DA KILLA. The day after their first ever Stockholm performance Cakes and his tour-DJ slash producer Sam Wildkatz came by our studio for a recorded conversation on such hot topics as vampire-groupie-moments, Remy Ma’s impending release from prison, Cakes forthcoming balladry-mixed-with-faggotry emotional EP, the carrying of Lil Kim, The Great Macklemore-Debate and the currently ongoing New York Banji Renesannce. Also we get live audio commentary on some current Swedish rap music, AMONG SO MUCH MORE. Get into it!!!


If you still haven’t got enough Cake after this, check out our first interview with the then young (but not that innocent) rapper, where we get things like the in-depth story on the origins of Cakes Da Killa, a crash-course in gay-cunt-culture and memories of iconic Trina-looks, all recorded on a hot summer day on a Brooklyn-roof-top. Come to think of it, it really is one of those truly iconic, timeless, essential New York cultural moments. Get it here on Soundcloud or just scroll down your pod-app or whatever (itunes-link)


Whatever?!? XOXO



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Songs played in the episode:


Cakes Da Killa – ”High Tides” (prod. by Sam Wildkatz)

Cakes Da Killa – ”Get Right (Get Wet)” (prod. by Bitchy Blue)

Cakes Da Killa – ”Truth Tella” (prod. by LSDXOXO)

Remy Ma – ”The BX Files”

Remy Ma – ”Fresh”

Missy Elliot feat. Lil Kim – ”Hit Em With The Hee”

Linda Pira feat. Mumba, Rosh, Cleo, Sep, Vanessa Falk, Rawda, Julia Spada & Joy – ”Knäpper Mina Fingrar Remix”

Abidaz & DeyDey ”Säker Plats”

CUNTMAFIA (Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash) – ”New York Boom Bap”

Mos Def ”Ms Fat Booty”

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