Fan of the Week: Dannia

5:15 13 Jun 2016

It’s finally time for Fan of the Week again! This time, it’s the beautiful Dannia’s turn.


1) Name and age?
Dannia & 22.

2) Where do you live?

3) Occupation?
I just completed my degree at university and I work part time at a super market.

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?
5 times I’ve seen her live.

5) Are you attending ”ANTI WORLD TOUR”?
Yes I’m going to see her June 24.


How did you get into Rihanna?
Truthfully I like a lot of celebrities but no one compares to Rihanna. I feel like I connect to her on a different level where as everyone else sometimes are temporary or because they are what’s hot right now. I’ve loved Rihanna from the beginning and feel like I’ve grown up with her and she’s helped me with my confidence so much. I used to think that I was ugly (sometimes I still do) lol, but the point is that Rihanna’s music gave me this certain confidence that no one else have to me. I was born in Jamaica but migrated to England from a very young age and at times I felt so out of touch with my culture, it was hard to have someone to look up someone that understood what it felt like being a young Caribbean girl where our accents are celebrated by some and mocked by others. Rihanna showed me that it was okay to be different and eventually I became comfortable with being me. I started dressing the way I wanted to dress, I didn’t dress to impress anyone or to fit in. I dressed to express me.

Do you consider Rihanna a ”role model”? Has she ever taught you anything or motivated/inspired you?
When Rihanna started doing hair colors that inspired me to take a leap and start doing it too. Some people used to call me Rihanna because everything I did was inspired by her. I used to get so sad over boys not liking me back or boys taking the piss out of me but Rihanna’s music just gave me confidence boost and reminded me that I was the shit! Literally, whenever I feel down I just listen to her songs and it humbles me. I went through a bad breakup in December and hands down ”Needed me, Love on the brain” healed me in ways I cannot explain. Sometimes I still get sad over the situation but when I listen to Needed me especially it just reminds me that I am better than what my past was. It reminds me that I don’t need anyone and that they need me.

Rihanna is my role mode honestly, she’s so carefree and so caring, the fact that she’s an island girl just like me warms my heart. Rihanna doesn’t do anything to fit in. She likes to be different and that reflects back to me honestly because if you pay close attention to her career over the years, how can you NOT admire her? A woman that’s taken so many risks that others are scared to take because it’s not society’s ”norm”. That’s why Rihanna’s fandom has grown so much over the years. All her albums show her growth as a woman, as an artist. The pop, the reggae, the rock, the r&b. I love it. It inspires me to do and be better than what is expected of me. Her empowering black women touches me. People always have so many negatives things to say about her, but she’s never let that phase her or stop her from doing what she’s destined to do and that’s why I fight as hard as I do today despite what others say. I’ll never put anyone above her, literally. My own family can’t say anything bad about her or I get upset. I loveeeeeeee Robyn! I’ve been with her from the start and always going to be here.


Where do you see yourself in the future? What’s the dream job and will you still stan for Rih?
My dream job is to be a writer. I’ve written a book and when I first wrote it which you can find on wattpad the characters were white, at first it wasn’t something I thought about deeply but then I sat down and reflected on myself and saw the error in what I was doing. I’m a black Jamaican female. Yes I live in England and it’s a white man county but the struggles I’m writing about in my book… Depression, anxiety, self harm, I’m a black woman’s that’s gone through these things so why am I writing in the perspective of a white person? And so I stopped the publication of my book and decided to rewrite it. Because like Rihanna said blacks we are magic!! And I want to do something that she and other black girls can be proud of me for. I wanna be the Rihanna in writing!!! And of course I’ll always Stan her! That’s my queeeen! Even on my wedding day imma let my husband know that he don’t compare to ha and he better respect it.


Dannia also has a fan account on Twitter, which you can find here.


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