Fan of the Month: Renri

2:52 16 Dec 2016

As a special Holiday treat to us all I’ve gotten a chat in with my favorite fangirl of all time – Renri. She is THE most dedicated fan you’ll ever meed, relentless in her devotion to Rihanna and always nice, sweet and supportive of other fans.

1) Name

2) Where do you live?

3) Occupation?
Yoga instructor

4) Number of times you’ve seen Rihanna live?
3 times

5) Best fangirl moment?
My best fangirl moment is hugging with her at backstage of LOUD tour and her kissing me during S&M at DWT. I can’t choose one.


You’re one of the most dedicated fans I’ve ever seen (truly inspirational!). How did that happen? How did you become a fangirl?
Thank you. I just love her so much and I’m thankful to her so much, she makes me strong. And I love coordinating Rihanna products with my fashion style and I love taking photos!

Do you think you’re the biggest navy in Japan? I can’t imagine it!
Hahaha I don’t know others but I think I’m one of the biggest navy in Japan ;-) 


How would you describe the navy?
Rihanna’s fan who support and doing some work for Rihanna like voting, RIHquesting, promoting. 

Why Rihanna?
She is very cool and so sweet! And I love her music and music video so much!

When did she first notice you?
When I met her at LOUD tour backstage.


What’s your tips for fans trying to gain followers and catch their fave’s attention?
I’m really not interested in getting followers. I just post what I want to post when I want to post. But I’m appreciate to my followers if they like my posts. I usually don’t check Rih’s online or not. I just enjoy wearing her products , listening to her music, I’m always thankful to her and I post pics when I’m excited and happy. 

How does it feel to interact with her? Do you ever get used to it?
No, my heart always beats so fast and I’m super happy when she likes or comments on my photos or videos.

image3 yrtyrty
Will you share a personal Rihanna encounter with us? Something she’s told you, taught you or done.
First time she saw me and said ”I like your hair!” I had red hair at that time. I remember every single word she told to me.

What we’re all wondering: how much is your collection of Rihanna stuff is worth (if you have to guess)?
I can’t guess. It’s a lot~.


Do you have everything she’s made? Because it kinda feels like you do (dream life)!
Not everything but I try to get some items from every collection.

Are your family Rihanna fans too?
Sure! We always listen to Rihanna songs in our car!And we love her because she is very sweet and beautiful! We know she is the best!

What would you say is the best part of stanning?
Wearing her design clothes, kicks, perfumes, cosmetics, shades and listening to her songs, reading her magazine, everything Rihanna is the best part of stanning.


Are there any negative sides to it?
Nothing. She just makes me happy.

Besides from supporting our fave, what do you enjoy doing?
Teaching yoga and watching basketball games (I’m a fan of KingJames!) .

What are your dreams for the future?
AWT Japan Please!


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