Rihanna getting drunk on Instagram live while watching herself on TV

1:14 24 Mar 2017

So did you watch Bates Motel? Maybe you even saw it WITH Rihanna? A queen went live on Instagram while her episode aired, playing a drinking game with Jenn, Leandra and Jahleel and commenting on the show. I was asleep when it happened but THANKFULLY someone saved the whole thing. Enjoy:

Some highlights:

6:20 – trying to figure out the hearts

15:45 – the $$$ scene

17:19 – imitating that man’s voice lmao

20:55 – ”I am speaking to my fans!” *slaps Jahleel*

20:12 – mad about her own voice

31:00 ”Where’s Mel? What? Am I not good enough?”

from 32 or something – laughing at the bar scene, laughing at Jenn, laughing at herself, tryna figure out where they play music like that in White Pine Bay, trashing the music, rocking out to the music, being a hot mess.

34:20 – ”Oooo! A black man hitting on Norman! That’s Jahleel.” (Did she imply there’d been something going on between Jahleel and Freddie Highmore here??? There was another reference as well and then they all screamed ”we’re live!!!”)

39:55 – ”I only got to read 8 comments to be completely honest. ….. But love the hearts on the side and..” LMAO her drunk ass.


I could pin down every moment to be honest because the entire thing gave me life. She basically invited us to hang out with her. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE?


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