Rihanna supports creative fan

5:52 5 Okt 2017

One year ago Melina was the Fan of the month here on the blog. She told us about her jewelry brand Saga Melina and how Rihanna is a big inspiration in the creative process.

”Rihanna inspires me a lot. Every piece I make is created to exude confidence and promote an individual style. That’s something that I’ve been inspired by her to do.”

– Melina

Well, it’s working because Melina is one of ten designers who’s been chosen to showcase her work at Stockholm Fashion Week in August 2018. Couldn’t be prouder!

Jewelry by Saga Melina.

Obviously that’s a little nerve-wracking but thank god for Rihanna who’s quick to support her fans. Just look at her respons when Melina vented how nervous she is:

I remember after the Malmö AWT show how Melina and I was able to give the gifts we brought to Rihanna to her security. To this day I still don’t know if she ever saw them but I pray to God she at least opened Melina’s because she handmade this beautiful bracelet in silver for her. It was incredibly pretty and deserves to be seen tbh.

Here’s to creative fangirls! We’re the best, I wanna love and support us forever.

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  1. Flip diving skriver:

    Thanks for your sharing. Hope you can contribute more quality posts to this page. Thank you!


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