Rihanna on the cover of Vogue Paris

11:57 20 Nov 2017

In exciting news: Rihanna is the guest editor and cover star of Vogue Paris‘ December issue. This is the first time she fronts the magazine, thus completing covers for all the ”big 4” – U.S, Italy, France & the U.K. Actually it’s 3 covers in total, all shot and styled by different people. Find them on stands December 1st!

Cover 1
Shot by – JuergenTeller
Styled by – AnastasiaBarbieri


Cover 2
Shot by – Inez and Vinoodh
Styled by – Mel Ottenberg


Cover 3
Shot by – Jean-Paul Goude
Styled by – Aleksandra Woroniecka


I wonder if she’s wearing STUNNA – Fenty Beauty’s ”lip paint” – on the third one? Did you see her super cute try to at a tutorial on Instagram? I love how active she’s been there lately, you can tell she’s excited about Fenty Beauty because it’s making her post selfies all over the place, comment of people’s pics and interact like the good old days. :)

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