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11:57 20 Dec 2017

Nine Ball has arrived! In the first official trailer for Ocean’s 8, Rihanna steps out as the hacker badass. For a presentation of all the characters in the film: look here.

The story is basically a repeat in concept of other Ocean films, only this time it’s Danny’s (George Clooney) sister Debbie who’s gathering a group of specialists to pull off a scam.

And you know, Hollywood has the men robbing a macho man owner of Las Vegas hotels while an all female cast is set out to rob what looks to be portrayed as a superficial female celebrity at the Met gala. I think it will be a fun movie and enjoy femininity in all surroundings but can’t help but notice how comparing Ocean’s 11 with Ocean’s 8 is like walking into any clothing store and looking at the difference between the boys’ and girls’ department. But yes, let’s all exist in this female dominated world for a while. It’s a welcomed relief from reality tbh. I’m also extremely happy for the cast to have been able to work together.

I think Rih will do the the fun, sassy, stone face character perfectly. Love how they’ve incorporated her own heritage in Nine Ball too, see the Barbados flags in the café shot for example.

Ocean’s 8 will be out in theaters June 8, 2018.

11:57 20 Nov 2017

In exciting news: Rihanna is the guest editor and cover star of Vogue Paris‘ December issue. This is the first time she fronts the magazine, thus completing covers for all the ”big 4” – U.S, Italy, France & the U.K. Actually it’s 3 covers in total, all shot and styled by different people. Find them on stands December 1st!

Cover 1
Shot by – JuergenTeller
Styled by – AnastasiaBarbieri


Cover 2
Shot by – Inez and Vinoodh
Styled by – Mel Ottenberg


Cover 3
Shot by – Jean-Paul Goude
Styled by – Aleksandra Woroniecka


I wonder if she’s wearing STUNNA – Fenty Beauty’s ”lip paint” – on the third one? Did you see her super cute try to at a tutorial on Instagram? I love how active she’s been there lately, you can tell she’s excited about Fenty Beauty because it’s making her post selfies all over the place, comment of people’s pics and interact like the good old days. :)

12:25 2 Nov 2017

As hinted on social media and billboards for a couple of days, N.E.R.D is coming out with new music and the first drop is a collaboration with Rihanna (who serves a 58 second rap verse)! The track called ”Lemon” came earlier today along with a video where Fenty is sitting on a hotel bed shaving dancer Mette Towley’s head before Towley takes off dancing alone in a market space:

Could this be what was made when Rih, Drake and Pharrell hit the studio in London back in 2016? I think so.

It’s not just us fans that’s been waiting patiently for this to be released, Missy Elliott got to hear the song some time ago and have been waiting ever since!

Yas! These random drops here and there is like a vitamin D injection to me. Rihanna hasn’t performed ONCE in 2017, yet continues to stay relevant and on top of the game. Movies, fashion, make-up, photo shoots, awards, philanthropy – she stays busy and I love all of it but new music (with possible future performances….?) gets me a liiiiittle bit more excited. ;)

1:39 13 Okt 2017

As part of the Vogue’s Forces of Fashion Conference Rihanna was invited to a talk with Hamish Bowles earlier this evening. The interview starts at 4:11 and is a real treat to listen too. I mean Bowles didn’t do his homework and keeps asking her about where Fenty x Puma is going, where the next show will be etc when in fact she already did her final collection for Puma, but I love seeing her in these kinds of settings where she’s allowed to elaborate on a few topics instead of just doing fast questions at a red carpet event. The story about her Guo Pei dress at the Met gala for example, like wow, a TREAT starting around 20:20.

Live from our Forces of Fashion event: A conversation with Rihanna and Hamish Bowles. See more from the day:

Posted by Vogue on jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

A little earlier, at 15:40, I actually started crying though. Speaking (again) about the diversity in Fenty Beauty she says:

We’ve had this amazing emotional connection with customers who’ve never been able to find their shade of foundation before. I mean like women crying at the counters. It’s crazy to even think about because when I first started creating the brand and make a foundation – it wasn’t that deep for me. I just… The first woman I ever saw put make-up on her face is a black woman – that’s my mom. So when I’m thinking of my costumer THAT is one of my customers.”

Yes, I’m pms:ing and I’m tired and in Berlin where nothing went my way today but it just says something about how closely connected diversity and quality are to each other. Just as it describes exactly how I relate to my own creativity. When I write it’s either my grandmother, best friend, baby cousin or myself I see in front of me. And one of those (preferably all) need to feel important and seen in the piece I’m making. For example: writing a comedy I doubt my best friend will enjoy is an impossibility. Because their needs and perspective is with me, so I have to be respectful of that and responsible in where I throw the punches (never down, always up). Likewise with me gravitating towards soap opera themes in my plays as this is a major connection for my grandmother and I.

What I’m trying to say: Rihanna recognizing her mother’s image when she sets out to make a foundation hits home. It’s beautiful and powerful and should not be underestimated.

Speaking of soap operas though, Rihanna truly looks like a mogul from The Bold and the Beautiful (Sally Spectra anyone?) in these candids of her getting to the conference! A LOOK.

And before we wrap this up: earlier today she did something I’ve never seen before. She went to the gym. A fangirl is surprised.

All pics from

2:33 2 Okt 2017

SS18 is Rihanna’s final collection for Puma. She went out with a bang, or on a bike, and have managed to pull off a real reboot of PUMA since she became the company’s women’s creative director back in 2014 (earnings went up 17% the first year alone).

I’ve tried to get something from each collection, first to wear but now it’s more of a collectors thing. I enjoy having the pieces in my home, even if I’ve found I don’t really wear them much. 1) they’re expensive and I’m kind of too scared to ruin them and 2) I’m a + size girl and Rihanna doesn’t really make + size clothing (for my body type at least). So I stick to the accessories, shoes, make-up etc. And on occasion a piece of clothing, I’m not gonna lie :)

still not over it…😱 #FENTYxPUMA SS18. In case ya missed it…

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Is there anything I want to get from the SS18 collection? Yes. Yes. Yes. Can I afford it? Nope. Do I think it’s gonna fit me? Doubtful. So I’ll wait until I can try the pieces on this time as there’s no point in consuming (ever) things I won’t wear, and can’t afford. Looking forward to seeing other people wear it all though! And Rihanna herself of course. Imagine that feeling, going to a club in clothes you designed, wearing your own make-up and listening to your own songs. Must be so surreal.

Selected looks from the Fenty x Puma SS18. Photos by Luca Tombolini / via Vogue.

I think it’s pretty amazing she’s managed to pull this off in the midst of all her other projects (!). How does the woman get the time? And energy? And focus? A true inspiration.

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