Mafia 3 och rasismen

5:02 10 Okt 2016

Ett av oktober månads mer intressanta spelsläpp heter Mafia 3. Och en stor anledning till det är spelets handling. Spelet handlar om Lincoln Clay, en svart man som återvänder från Vietnam-kriget till ett fiktivt New Orleans, 1968. Sydafrikanske speljournalisten Tauriq Moosa beskriver öppningstexten så här:

Även om spelet i grunden handlar om en antihjälte som blir en enmansarmé (en klyscha som utgör ungefär hälften av alla spelstorys någonsin) finns här något mer, något som känns intressant och läskigt relevant också år 2016. I en intervju med Vice berättar Charles Webb, en av författarna bakom spelet, om hur de vill att spelarna ska konfrontera rasismen i spelet. I en bransch där nästan ingen vågar säga ”nej, det är inte bara underhållning – det är politik också” pratar Webb om hur han konstant tänker på de personer som årligen dödas av polisen i USA. Det är stort.

Jag ser fram emot att spela det här.

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    The game follows lincoln clay, an ethnic vietnam veteran, as he tries to build a new criminal empire. One of the most notable aspects of the game is its handling of racism.

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  6. ”Mafia III” is an action-adventure video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. It is set in the fictional city of New Bordeaux during the late 1960s and explores themes of organized crime, revenge, and systemic racism. The game’s protagonist, Lincoln Clay, is an African American Vietnam War veteran who becomes entangled in the criminal underworld.

    The portrayal of racism and racial tensions is a significant aspect of the game’s narrative. ”Mafia III” addresses the social and racial issues of the time, providing a commentary on the challenges faced by African Americans in the segregated South during the 1960s. The game does not shy away from depicting the harsh realities of racism, including discriminatory practices, racial slurs, and violence.

    Key points regarding racism in ”Mafia III”:

    1. **Historical Accuracy:**
    – The game aims to depict the racial dynamics of the late 1960s accurately. It includes elements such as segregated facilities, racial profiling, and overt racism to create a realistic representation of the era.

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    Mafia 3 confronts racism head-on, immersing players in a deeply compelling narrative set in a racially charged 1960s New Orleans. Through protagonist Lincoln Clay’s journey, the game explores themes of systemic oppression and the struggle for justice in a divided society. It’s a bold and thought-provoking depiction that sheds light on historical realities and invites reflection on contemporary issues.

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  8. ”Och rasismen” translates to ”And racism” in English. This phrase is typically used to segue into discussions or observations about racism.
    It serves as a prompt to address issues related to discrimination, prejudice, and inequality, fostering awareness and dialogue about important social issues.
    Confronting and addressing ”och rasismen” is crucial for promoting inclusivity, equality, and social justice in communities worldwide.

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  9. ”Mafia 3” confronts players with the harsh realities of racism in 1960s America, immersing them in a world rife with discrimination and injustice.

    Through its compelling narrative and authentic portrayal of systemic oppression, the game sparks important conversations about race relations and social justice.

    As players navigate through a morally complex landscape, they’re challenged to confront the deep-seated prejudices that permeate society, leaving a lasting impact on their gaming experience.

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  10. Allied materials skriver:

    Michael Gill’s portrayal delves deep into the thematic exploration of racism within Mafia 3, encapsulating the intricate layers of societal injustice and systemic discrimination.
    With nuanced sensitivity, Gill navigates the game’s narrative landscape, portraying the lived experiences of marginalized characters with authenticity and empathy.
    Through his performance, viewers are immersed in a world where racial tensions simmer beneath the surface, confronting uncomfortable truths and challenging preconceptions.

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  11. Alfalah Books skriver:

    ”Mafia 3 confronts racism head-on, immersing players in a gritty narrative that echoes the struggles of the civil rights era with unflinching realism.”

    ”With Mafia 3, racism isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a central theme that shapes the game’s narrative, challenging players to confront uncomfortable truths.”

    ”Mafia 3 bravely tackles racism, weaving it into the fabric of its storyline, offering players a thought-provoking exploration of prejudice and power dynamics.”

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